Stacey S.

I have been a practicing PTA for 20 years and have been personally into fitness for longer than that. I always felt there was a gap between what I know works in the gym and what we do as clinicians in the clinic. This course was amazing and has allowed me to understand how I can bridge that gap, not only for the athlete, but for my older patients as well. My confidence has soared after taking this course! I will be taking further ICE classes in the future.
- Stacey Simpson, LPTA, CPT

Matt Hodgens

I've always enjoyed implementing compound lifts into my practice, but this was a reaffirmation of how beneficial it can be for all populations. I discharged a lady who, on day one struggled to do a core brace, but left doing kettlebell swings. She said I saved her from surgery which has been the greatest compliment I've received as a therapist. I could not have done that without the CMFA course and instructors. Thank you.

- Matt Hodgens from Atlanta, GA