Allison D.

ICE is a passionate and knowledgeable group of individuals. I learned so much about the importance of not under prescribing exercise load and volume to all my patients, in order to help them get back to doing the things they are passionate about doing at their Sampler 2.0 class. I’m grateful I was able to attend. I am excited to incorporate what I learned and to continue to learn from further ICE courses.
- Allison D.

Matt Hodgens

I've always enjoyed implementing compound lifts into my practice, but this was a reaffirmation of how beneficial it can be for all populations. I discharged a lady who, on day one struggled to do a core brace, but left doing kettlebell swings. She said I saved her from surgery which has been the greatest compliment I've received as a therapist. I could not have done that without the CMFA course and instructors. Thank you.

- Matt Hodgens from Atlanta, GA