patients without limits: build and grow a digital practice

An 8-week online course created for forward-thinking therapists looking to expand their current practice model and jump start new revenue streams through online patient engagement. Many patients are already utilizing Telemedicine as a convenient healthcare option, and demand is increasing for expansion of online medical services, including physical therapy triage and treatment. The objective of this course is to introduce participants to the 'who-what-when-where-why-how' of Telehealth PT, and create an efficient strategy for adding Telehealth to a private or solo digital practice.


Begins October 30th, 2019 (8 Weeks Online)

  • $595

  • Faculty: Rob Vining

  • 100% ONLINE: All Live meetings are recorded and posted for viewing at your convenience.  No scheduled meetings are required throughout course

  • Approved for 16 CEUs


Our weekly course objectives will establish best practices for the beginning Telehealth PT provider. Course topics include: 1) An overview of the current state of Telehealth PT to identify patients looking for this service model;
2) State-based legal considerations, and Medicare and insurance reimbursement pathways;
3) Complete technology systems setup for both the practice and the patient side;
4) Patient engagement, on-boarding, form-intake, and established liability best practices;
5) Introductory Telehealth treatment case-studies addressing the spine and extremities;
6) Introduction to a high-level treatment framework with a focus on understanding how PT can be performed without touching the patient;
7) Presentation and discussion of traditional and public-benefit marketing strategies, and online patient conversion funnels.

This course is designed to help efficiently implement a low-overhead revenue solution for private practice owners and solo digital providers and offers one-of-a-kind professional guidance from the industry's leading Telehealth specialist and systems pioneer.


Week 1: Intro to Telehealth: What is it? Who's using it? How are they using it? The patient response.

Week 2: Legal Concerns, State by State Variance, Reimbursement

Week 3: Technology: Platforms, cameras, mics, and more! Part 1

Week 4: Technology: Platforms, cameras, mics, and more! Part 2

Week 5: Patient Checklist: Technology/Equipment/Forms (Consent/Intake/Video Release)

Week 6: Case Eval/Treatment demonstration - Spine

Week 7: Case Eval/Treatment demonstration - Extremity

Week 8: Marketing your Telehealth practice


All content (videos, resources, etc) is delivered through our online learning platform with discussion facilitated through a private Facebook page.  Live video conference calls twill take place once a week to discuss each week's content and dive deeper into the material.  Attendance at the live sessions is certainly encouraged however all sessions are recorded and made available to be viewed whenever is convenient for the learner.  At no point throughout the class is it mandatory that you are available at a set time, so there should be minimal interruption to your work and life schedule.

Please Note: Our online courses require active participation to be awarded credit which may include reading, homework assignments, and quizzes. We do not allow students to “drop back” to preceding cohorts due to inability to complete work assigned except under extraordinary circumstances. ICE faculty have the final decision in allowing a “drop back” but students are only allowed one “drop back” per course. Failure to complete the course on your 2nd attempt will not yield CEU credit. All courses allow for a 7 day grace period after course conclusion to receive CEU credit.