#PTonICE Daily Show – Thursday, June 29th, 2023 – Stop giving your audience what they want

In today’s episode of the PT on ICE Daily Show, ICE CEO Jeff Moore discusses the idea of letting an audience grow around the passion you have for a particular area of practice versus continually trying to change your approach in the clinic or with marketing to attempt to reach an infinite number of potential audiences. Take a listen to today’s episode. 

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Alright team what’s up? Happy Thursday, happy Leadership Thursday. Welcome back to the PT on ICE. Wherever you’re taking this show in thank you so much whether it is here live on Instagram or YouTube or whether it’s on the recording we love having you all with us. It’s Leadership Thursday but if it’s Leadership Thursday it’s Gut Check Thursday. So let’s talk about the workout. It is a doozy. So it is the last workout in the I Got Your Six. The Warrior Water. Friends over at Warrior Water have their virtual competition going on so our Gut Check Thursday has been mirroring that. So we’ve been loving the videos of all of you in groups of two nailing these workouts. This is the last one so it’s going to be it’s gonna have a time cap of I think it was 23 minutes in teams of two and you’ve got to do 10. So athlete one will do 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 box jumps. Only one athlete working at a time. Athlete two has to bang out 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 double unders. Then you both accumulate only one athlete working at a time a hundred deadlifts, 225, 155. Then you switch athlete rolls to finish up the box jumps and the double unders. So if you want to see that workout I know it’s a bit more complex. It’s over on the Ice Physio Instagram as always and please if you do it throw a hyperlapse on there. Grab a pic. Ice Train. Ice Physio. We love seeing that stuff pour in on Instagram. So cheers to Warrior Water. Hope the virtual competition went awesome. I hope that you were able to as always raise some funds for for veterans who are being helped by getting that fitness and nutrition stimulus as opposed to maybe more aggressive medications to help out with all things psychologically and quality of life. So cheers to the Warrior WAD crew. If you aren’t following them get on that they’re doing great things. Okay team let’s jump in. So Gandhi once said that happiness is when what you think say and do are all in harmony. When what you think say and do are all in harmony. When what you’re thinking is what comes out of your mouth. When what you say is backed up by action that proves that you believed in what you said. When all of these axes are in perfect alignment that is when you are truly profoundly at peace happy. Now in today’s society it’s hard to get that right in some level we are always trying to adapt to our environment. It’s really hard. You come off as a bit of an oddball. If you had those perfectly executed all the time it’d be really challenging to fit in. So there’s some level of kind of massaging those or working with malalignment which is probably why there’s some level of disharmony in most people. Right you can’t have this perfect pure energy flow between what you think say and do and still be functional in modern society. But the closer you can get to that undeniably the better because we are at our best. We are our most energetic. We are our most uniquely valuable. When we are sharing, when we are doing, when we are serving what we absolutely must. Right when those things are all in perfect alignment with our beliefs we are undeniably at our most uniquely valuable. So the first charge and I think if you look back at all of my episodes up to date this is probably the thing that falls out of solution most commonly. But our first charge is always to figure out what is that? Like what does line all of those things up for me and how do I figure that out? Well you figure it out by reflecting in real time on when you’re in your flow state. Right when after doing anything you are more energized than you were before you did those are the moments of reflection when you’ve got to say whoa whatever I just did first of all felt effortless and second of all I think I have more energy now than before I did the activity. Those are your things team and a simple awareness of what are the activities that put you into that flow state. A great tip off can be when other people say boy you made that look easy and you think to yourself well it was easy but clearly to them it wouldn’t have been. So when people start helping you identify these asymmetries when you’re making something look effortless that to most people is not these are your activities whatever you’re sharing right now whatever you’re talking about whatever you just did those are your things that are aligning all of those axes and if you can identify what those things are and spend more time in that lane and drive fast you’re gonna be not only more successful but significantly more energized and excited and useful in those activities that you’re participating in. That classic quote the riches is in the niches which nobody in sales denies the reality of that right specialists win when it comes to business but a lot of people think that’s totally explained by market dynamics and I do agree that if you can market a really specialized niche you can get the attention of people who need you but there’s a whole other half to that when you’re doing a really niche activity that you’re particularly great at where you’re spending a lot of time in flow state because you’ve drilled down to realize oh this is my thing a big part of why long term the riches are in the niches is because you’re doing what you’re in harmony while doing and that gives you unbelievable longevity it allows you to bring incredible enthusiasm to the plate so it is a combination of market dynamics in the fact that you’re doing an activity where those axes are all lined up and in that space you are going to be unstoppable which brings me to today’s message you gotta stop trying to please your audience and I mean this across all sorts of domains and I’ll unpack that a bit in a second but you gotta stop trying to please your audience you gotta do you and let the audience be formed by those who resonate with it I’m gonna say that one more time you gotta stop trying to please who you think is your existing audience you gotta just do you and let your audience be formed by the people that resonate with that where I see a huge obvious sign of deviation from this is when we say things to our audience is like what do you want me to talk about that is one way to ensure that whatever you wind up talking about is not in perfect alignment because what are the odds right what are the odds that the answers are things that are absolutely in perfect alignment for you that line up what you deeply believe in that where you believe it you’re the most useful to add value where you believe the greatest need exists what are the odds that what somebody else answers to that lines up perfectly with your needs now team this is not to say that the occasional call for topics or the occasional Q&A does not have great value because you can pick through what comes back and try to identify which things are in line but in general be a little bit wary of that method certainly is a primary component of your business be wary of that it is ultimately professional people pleasing right hey tell me what you want me to do and I’ll dance right like this idea takes you out of alignment it doesn’t put you into it the reframe to this is I’m going to talk about X because I have to right if you feel like that message might serve you please tune in or if you feel like this message might serve somebody that you know well please tune in but I don’t have a choice right this is what’s in alignment I have to talk about this I really hope for some of you that it resonates I tell ice faculty this all the after classes because oftentimes when we’re recapping if I go to a live course and I’m and I’m trying to give some notes to see if we can’t make the content even sharper a lot of times our faculty will say well I really feel like I need to talk about this and immediately my response is you don’t need to talk about anything besides what you deeply feel you want to talk about what is real and organic and honest for you that’s what you talk about this is a big part of the reason whole other conversation but it’s a big part of the reason why ice since day one has never had close partners or accreditation or tied into other groups because I always want our faculty to feel at any given moment when something doesn’t feel authentic to them they can drop it with no thought and change and say this is what I really need to talk about I have to say perfect that’s our content whatever follows I have to say this that’s our content it goes for ice faculty but it goes for all of you it goes for who you market to it goes for where you do workshops it goes to the topic of those workshops it goes to what population you want to treat you know who you need and want to treat you know who you are uniquely valuable for you know who after you engage with them you feel energized team 100% of your effort goes to that niche identify that and just stay in that lane you don’t need to do what people want you to do what you need to do is what you have to do what is in harmony with what you’re always thinking about with the words that you’re always saying with your actions in your own personal life those things need to line up with whatever direction you choose in that direction doesn’t have a whole lot of options right so it’s like look this is me I’ve got to do this and I hope that some folks resonate with it I hope that some folks respond well to that treatment paradigm I need to be in this space it is what it is we got to stop asking our audience what they want we got to start doing us and let the audience or the patient base or the customer solidify around that now how do you know if you’re doing it right how do you know if you’re staying in your lane in driving fast the answer is a little bit uncomfortable but it’s that your audience should be unstable you should be dropping people and gaining people if you’re not trying to please everybody that’s an inevitability but what you’re gonna notice is that a core group in your audience solidifies and becomes unshakable team if you aren’t losing people regularly especially early you’re being inauthentic because authenticity should always offend people this isn’t wrong it’s just that people who have drastically different beliefs when you present yours in an undecorated fashion it should be moderately offensive and people should be like oh that’s not my tribe great right that’s the whole point of the drill right that’s why your audience should be relatively unstable early on but you’re gonna see that what people want is an authentic person delivering value in their area of need and they’re gonna feel that match so while your audience is gonna be unstable on the outskirts you’re gonna see that this tribe is crystallizing out of solution in the middle because people that do need to hear what you have to say that you need to say they need to hear it you need to say it when that match happens when those ends plug in together your true tribe crystallizes out of solution that’s the only way that great cultures are created the person delivering it is being raw inorganic inauthentic and even though that offends some people the people who need to hear that message who belong in that tribe gravitate towards it and that match is made as soon as we start trying to please everybody nobody can actually connect because nothing real is actually happening and this is what happens with what can I say for you today as opposed to here’s what I need to say and I hope it lands for some of you generally speaking in your marketing in your outreach as you’re trying to build followers be real suffer the consequence of an unstable early audience and what you’re gonna see is underlying that your true tribe is developing all along stop trying to give your audience what what they want say what you need to say and let your audience form as a result of that hope it hits team we’ll see you next week PT on ice calm all the courses are on there tons of online courses starting up in July we had a little bit of a hiatus there in between our first q1 and q2 online courses they’re starting to drop right now by the way we have finished our live calendar so if you’re waiting for a new live course to show up in 2023 it’s probably not gonna happen because all of our division divisions are done booking so if you’ve got your eye on a live course a new a new one that’s more convenient probably isn’t gonna show up this year so grab the one you’re thinking about alright team have a wonderful week we’ll see you next week

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