#PTonICE Daily Show – Thursday, December 28th, 2023 – Rebalancing consumption & creation

In today’s episode of the PT on ICE Daily Show, ICE Chief Executive Office Jeff Moore discusses balancing consumption with creation, the illusion of consumption as productivity, and the need to be authentic to stand out.

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Okay, team, what is up? Welcome back to the PT on ICE Daily Show. I am Dr. Jeff Moore, currently serving as the CEO of ICE, and always thrilled to be here on Leadership Thursday, especially as we go into a new year, and always happy to be here on Gut Check Thursday. And this one’s gonna be a little bit different. I present to you our Gut Check Thursday for this week is a 36-hour water fast. So maybe it’s a little bit of a pushback against some of the excess of the holidays, kind of pulling that back in, especially around New Year’s Eve time. We are going to run our official Ice Physio Water Fast from Friday at 5pm until Sunday at 5am. So it’s going to be 36 hours. We’re going to break that Sunday morning. Um, for those of you that don’t know, um, over at ice physio, we have a relatively large group of us that does a 36 hour water fast every month. And then a prolonged three day fast every six months, which we’re actually moving to a four day fast. Um, in the middle of next year. Um, again, that’ll be our first four day water fast. Um, that’ll be done annually, but, um, lots of thoughts behind this. Um, a lot of things about, kind of the qualities of restraint and enjoying maybe the exact opposite of excessive consumption that we’re oftentimes so drawn into, which is the topic of today’s episode, but a really good time of year to maybe pull in those reins. So over the next week. See if you can find a 36 hour period where you can just consume water. And feel free to consume it liberally, but I think you’ll find it, if you have not engaged in this, to be both a unique experience and a very, very productive one. Not to mention maybe some benefits in longevity and you think about apoptosis and the ability of your body to clear some of that stuff out. Join us. It’s both a mental and a physical feat that we think has some great rewards. So that is the Gut Check Thursday. It is not adding on to high-intensity stimulus. Over the busy week, it is in fact going the other direction and see if we can’t exercise our restraint for a 36 hour period. So if you have any questions, hit me up, let me know. It’s something we do every month and we love it. We’d love to have you join us. We will be going in Friday, 5 p.m.

Sequels suck. I think we can all agree with that. So let’s dive in and talk about why. And I want to give you an action item as we are about to turn the calendar page to 2024. I want to leave you with a thought to maybe move in the opposite direction of what is too commonly done, not unlike the gut check Thursday this week. So we all agree that sequels suck. The question is why do sequels consistently suck? And of course, there’s some exceptions and we don’t need to play that game. Generally speaking, they leave a bit to be desired. Why? The answer is that it’s impossible to be authentic when you’re copying from a template and people connect with authenticity. One of my deepest beliefs is that real makes you feel. If you’re wondering why in a certain relationship or when you were listening to a certain speech, you felt particularly captivated, it’s because the person was being real. Whether you’re delivering or receiving, real makes you feel. is a tried and true reality. There is something unique that each of you bring to any situation to bear that nobody else possibly could because it is uniquely you. When you present or deliver or connect from that space, it is absolutely captivating. Sequels, by design, make that impossible, right? It can’t be truly unique because you are intentionally building off a template. And so there is already the impossibility of that uniqueness to fully manifest in that piece of work, which is why we tend to really struggle to connect with sequels. Now, many people have become sequels. This is why a lot of times content is boring. Sometimes I hate to say this, but it’s why sometimes relationships or engaging or people themselves seem to lack a bit of sparkle because so many people have become sequels and they’re not trying to do this, right? There is just too much information coming at us. If we don’t want to become sequels, if we don’t want to constantly be consuming all this information and then essentially just building off it in the same way a sequel would, you have to schedule breaks from it.

What I’m saying is you need to rebalance intentionally consumption and creation. The problem is consumption feels like you’re moving forward. This is where most people run into trouble, right? There’s so many good things, so many great books, so many amazing podcasts. There’s so much out there that you want to consume. And while you’re constantly consuming it, you feel like you’re moving forward. But there is undeniably a ceiling or an upper limit on where that is no longer a reality. The best analogy I have for you is it’s like taking notes on your notes, right? That always used to bewilder me. I would watch people take notes in class or whatever. Then they would go to the library and take notes on their notes. And it’s this never ending, right, reading and reading and reading and feeling like you’re learning, but you’re not. If you really wanna learn, stop. Stop and think about your notes. Stop and actually listen to that person talking and think, man, what do I and don’t I believe? What naturally jives with me and where do I feel some dissonance? Now, where that dissonance is, why do I feel that? Get in to the thought and the why and the wonder. Because that’s when things really start becoming a part of you. That’s when things truly assimilate and become usable. It’s not just constantly reading and copying and reading and copying. It’s when you stop and say, what do I think about that? How does that jive with what I’ve known up until now? It’s when you pause that the actual learning happens. Even though the constant consumption feels like learning, it’s when you pause that you allow the knowledge to change you. And so when you’re constantly consuming, that second part never happens.

Which is why my action item for everybody in 2024 is to stop reading and start leading. Stop reading and start leading. Create between every knowledge acquisition. This is my challenge. And I don’t mean stop reading entirely. I mean begin to develop a more balanced schedule between creation and consumption by committing to creating in between every knowledge acquisition. As opposed to finishing the end credits on one Audible book and starting the next one immediately. Give yourself a break. to create, to think about how that, what you just engaged in, altered you, changed you, challenged you, and do something with it. Now I wanna give you an actionable how, because I think sometimes we get into this philosophical space and don’t deliver that. My how for you in 2024, if you’re trying to rebalance consumption and creation, is to have a forced content schedule. Meaning something that you commit to putting out for somebody Okay, this could be for your business your community your family your gym your church, right? Whatever you’re involved in commit to a content schedule being forced to create At a regular rhythm is the greatest way that I know to successively approximate your true self, meaning your unique self, meaning the thing that people are drawn to and captivated by because nobody else could be that thing. Being forced to create at a regular rhythm is the greatest way that I personally know to successfully or to successively approximate your true self. Commit to a schedule. As I kind of look at my world, there’s nothing I’m more thankful for than this podcast is a great example, which every week we’re having to think about how do we think about things and how could we share that with our community. And I think about things that we do at ICE like hump day hustling or even gut check Thursday, like coming up with that fast this morning, but we are committed to you all. that we’re going to put things out for you. And that forces us, if we don’t just want to be replicas, to be original and think about what we want to share, what means something to us. And that allows us then to come to these platforms and try to successively approximate our true selves. And that process is really in many ways, in my opinion, anyhow, what life is all about. And certainly one of the things we enjoy most about sharing and receiving is when we do successfully approximate our true selves. So commit to a rhythm. In new years, in this new year coming up in 2024, don’t create an endless consumption list. Instead, share your unique creations on a committed schedule. It will force your hand. It will make you say, well, I can’t go consume nugget number 7,206 this week. I need to pause because I said I was going to put something out. I need to stop taking notes on my notes and start doing some real thinking because I need to bring something to bear. Commit to creating regular organic content to somebody, to your family, gym, church, business, community, whatever, and decide that in 2024, you’re never going to miss one of those marks. You are going to find by the end of the year, that you have learned so much about the way that you think about the constant stream of information coming at you. And it will be that that will carry more value than I promise you any single part of that endless, incessant communication or information stream, because it is your uniqueness you’re trying to find and share with the world. And it is that which they will receive most voraciously, I promise you. In 2024, let’s rebalance consumption and creation. Team, big alert on the courses. The prices go up Monday. So if you want to grab an ice physio course, all the 650 courses go to 695 on Monday overnight. So you need to grab those courses by Sunday. If you want to save whatever it is, 45, 50 bucks a course, it’s not a huge amount of money, but if you’re going to grab a couple of courses in 2024, grab those ASAP so you’re not paying extra. over at PTOnIce.com is where everything lives. Team, have a wonderful new year. Enjoy the weekend. For those of you joining us on the Water Fast, Friday at 5 p.m., we’ll cut off the nutrients, all water, till Sunday morning at 5 a.m. I promise, it’s a unique stimulus that is highly productive. Cheers, team. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy New Year.

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