Physical Therapy CEU Courses at the Institute of Clinical Excellence

Nearly every state requires Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain your physical therapy license in good standing.  Unfortunately state by state variance, and even wider variance in course content and quality, can make this system quite perplexing to navigate.  This is why ICE is here to help try and clarify our process of using state reciprocity and individual state approval to maximize the chances of your time and effort resulting in successful CEU acquisition!

To do so we’ve identified your most popular questions and delivered answers here, enjoy and never hesitate to reach out to or hit up our website for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which states are pre-approved through reciprocity for Physical Therapy CEU credit? (If you are in one of these states you’re golden!)
    • Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
  • If my state is not pre-approved via reciprocity BUT the ICE course is happening in my state, will there be pre-approval in that case?
    • YES! We always obtain pre-approval in any individual state where we are hosting a course!
  • Ok what if I don’t see my state on the pre-approval list AND I am taking the course outside of my home state, what should I do?
    • You are always able to submit for “individual” CEU approval through your state board or state physical therapy association. Your state board or state physical therapy association will have more information on this process. We have done our best to find this information for you and have shared it on our FAQ page.
    • Please note that with some exception, your state physical therapy BOARD is the approving authority for continuing education and will almost always allow for individual approval at a very cheap or even free rate compared to your state physical therapy ASSOCIATION who is usually up charging you to submit an individual approval application on your behalf to the state physical therapy BOARD. In some states, you may pay several hundred dollars for your state physical therapy ASSOCIATION to submit a free form to the state physical therapy BOARD.
  • Do I need to attend the entire course to be eligible for CEUs?
    • YES! The CEU approval process includes stringent guidelines on attendance therefore 100% attendance is expected at all of our courses. This means 16 hours for all 2-day live courses & with the exception of our 2-day or 3-day dry needling courses which consist of 9 hour days
    • Participation in our 8-week online courses is required to receive credit. It is not mandatory to attend Zoom sessions and they are recorded for those that cannot attend, however completion of all homework, quizzes, exams, is required. You are able to work ahead if expecting to be out of town during the 8-week course
  • I’m a PTA, how is my pre-approval situation different?
    • Good news, it isn’t! Requirements for PTA CEUs do not differ from PT, therefore all of the info above directly applies to you as well!

The Institute of Clinical Excellence is always working hard behind the scenes to ensure you get credit for the hard work you’ve put in. We hope this information has been helpful and as we mentioned above never hesitate to reach out on any platform should you have additional questions!