Out of Network: Step by Step

Get a realistic breakdown of what out of network practices look like and what it takes to be successful in this model.

The traditional physical therapy model is on its way out. After seeing the writing on the wall, Sarah opened her own out-of-network practice in Seattle, WA and now consults with others who have ambitions of doing the same. Those interested in this course have the foresight to understand why a cash-based or out-of-network model is the best choice for many patients and practitioners.

This 8-week course aims to provide students with an outline of why and how this can be achieved without offering empty promises of success or solutions.  Our goal is to give you a realistic breakdown of what these sort of practices look like and what it takes to be successful in this model.


Begins January 13th, 2020

  • $595

  • Faculty: Dr. Sarah Haran

  • 100% ONLINE: All Live meetings are recorded and posted for viewing at your convenience.  

  • Approved for 16 CEUs

  • 8 Weeks Online


We will cover

  • Finances

  • Branding

  • Location: travel/in-home, in-gym, brick and mortar clinic space, virtual

  • How to handle Medicare, worker’s comp, & motor vehicle patients

  • Resources and suggestions for products and processes to use

  • Why this practice model works

  • When/where this practice model may not work

  • How to get started

  • Marketing strategies

  • Admin processes

  • Legal information to be aware of

  • Patient relationships and managing those tough conversations

  • Niches and specialties that can help these practices thrive


At the end of the 8 weeks, students will:

  1. Have an understanding of how this practice style can work and which situations are best suited for it. Similarly, where it would not be ideal in the current healthcare environment

  2. Have an understanding of basic legal and business requirements for starting up and running a cash-based or out of network clinic.

  3. Understand the basic administrative steps to take in starting up a cash practice from business licensing and intake forms to deciding on scheduling programs

  4. Be aware of the cash practices in their area and map out the data for each: visit price, patient type, marketing strategy, other cash services offered, etc

  5. Conceptualize a marketing strategy that involves direct marketing to patients through social media, blogging, and networking in niche communities

  6. Understand what is important in a website and how to be transparent about cash-practice without turning customers away

  7. Understand what is important with social media and who your different audiences might be

  8. Have a mock discussion with a “prospective patient” who is interested in the service but would “rather use insurance” in order to practice converting this prospective patient into a paying patient


All content (videos, resources, etc) is delivered through our online learning platform with discussion facilitated through a private Facebook page.  Live video conference calls take place each week to discuss that section's content and dive deeper into the material.  Attendance at these live sessions is certainly encouraged but not mandatory as all sessions are recorded and made available to be viewed whenever is convenient for the learner.  At no point throughout the class is it mandatory that you are available at a set time, so there should be minimal interruption to your work and life schedule. 

Please Note: Our online courses require active participation to be awarded credit which may include reading, homework assignments, and quizzes. We do not allow students to “drop back” to preceding cohorts due to inability to complete work assigned except under extraordinary circumstances. ICE faculty have the final decision in allowing a “drop back” but students are only allowed one “drop back” per course. Failure to complete the course on your 2nd attempt will not yield CEU credit. All courses allow for a 7 day grace period after course conclusion to receive CEU credit.