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  Embedding each of our patients, friends, and family members in a comprehensive HEALTHcare ecosystem is the ultimate goal, and that means more than just quality physical therapy!  This ecosystem has three foundational pillars: 

Access to a primary care physician who believes lifestyle behavior modification and fitness are front-line interventions

Exceptional daily fitness programming complete with community for motivation and support

Fitness forward rehabilitation to ensure occasional pain and injury doesn’t prevent training or get over medicalized

The first two are where our friends at Wild Health and Mayhem come in. Each of our organizations operate independently but can be leveraged collectively to build a complete HEALTHcare team, and with the help of the discounts below at a total cost of only a couple hundred dollars a month! In a nation where “health” care has rarely been about health the tables are officially turning!

Are you looking for a fitness forward primary care provider? Wild Health has your back! The doctors at Wild Health choose movement and nutrition as their primary interventions to get you moving or keep you moving before looking to surgery, pills, or shots. Your primary care provider at Wild Health will never tell you that running or CrossFit or lifting weights is bad for you, but work their best to keep you moving and optimize your performance. ICE is proud to partner with Wild Health in the fight against chronic disease while also working to keep active people active. Use the coupon code “WHICE” for 20% off your subscription.

CrossFit Mayhem

ICE has partnered with Mayhem Athlete & CrossFit Mayhem to provide clinicians, patients, and athletes with a free month of Everyday Athlete programming by using the coupon code “ICEPT” when registering. Whether you’re working on walking tolerance with their Walking 1.0 or Walking 2.0 e-Books, beginning to dabble in functional fitness with the “Couch to Fitness” e-Book, or ready for CrossFit-style exercises through the Mayhem 30, Mayhem 60, Mayhem Scaled, BodyBuilding or Everyday Hero (1st responders & tactical athletes) programs, Everyday Athlete has something for you! For clinicians, the e-books are FREE, do not require registration, and can be printed out for patients in the clinic.

CrossFit Mayhem

Of course the team is not complete without a fitness forward rehab provider, and fortunately ICE has trained thousands of them! The best way to find a provider in your area is to use our “Find An ICE Trained Clinician” geomap where you can filter to locate clinicians practicing near you.  Can’t find an ICE Trained PT? Download our ebook with the 5 best questions to ensure your next physical therapist is fitness forward and a great fit for you!