TMD Management

TMD & TMD Physical Therapy Certification

This 6-part lecture series will help you better understand the market size associated with TMD, relevant anatomy, and current best evidence surrounding these disorders. In addition, we will cover how to properly classify and assess the temporomandibular joint along with neighboring structures and provide effective treatment involving manual therapy, exercise, and lifestyle modifications for individuals struggling with a wide variety of jaw issues.

This 6-hour, online lecture series covers the basics of TMD as it relates to physical therapy practice, epidemiology, classification, assessment strategies, treatment strategies, and lifestyle factors that play a role in these disorders. In addition, several supplemental videos are provided to demonstrate assessment techniques, as well as common manual therapy treatments applied to the region. Students will be tested with a quiz at the conclusion of the course in order to receive CEUs.



    • Learn clinically relevant anatomy and biomechanics associated with the TMJ and surrounding structures

    • Better understand how to classify patients with TMD to make rapid changes in pain and disability among this population

    • Learn the most important assessment techniques so that you can easily measure progress in this population

    • Learn the evidence surrounding treatment of TMD including exercise, manual therapy, and lifestyle approaches to help serve this population

    • Learn how to effectively apply manual therapy techniques both intra and extra orally to the TMJ as well as to the cervical and thoracic spine

    • Learn how to find out what potential patients in your area are using for keyword searches for their TMD pain and receive our presentation template to use when talking to physicians, dentists, and other potential referral sources.


$199| Lifetime access to course website | Approved for 6 CEUs