CMFA Exercise Library

Physical Therapy Exercise Library

An all-encompassing guide to drills, accessory exercises, and mobility work for the fitness athlete

This interactive eBook includes over 100 exercises with pictures and descriptions as well as links to supporting videos. You will have lifelong access as the library is expanded with new exercises.


  • Squat Drills
  • Squat Accessory Exercises
  • Deadlift Drills
  • Deadlift Accessory Exercises
  • Overhead Squat Drills
  • Pull-Up Drills
  • Pull-Up Accessory Exercises
  • Snatch Drills
  • Clean Drills
  • Jerk Drills
  • Shoulder Stability Drills
  • Shoulder Accessory Exercises
  • Front Rack Mobility Exercises
  • Ankle Mobility Exercises