Clinic Collaboration

The story is ubiquitous: Excellent clinician delivers great outcomes and the clinic grows steadily.  Hiring is a bit rushed due to necessity.  Systems, metrics, and tracking mechanisms are neglected completely as all hands on deck work to meet the needs of an ever growing volume of patients.  Problems aren't foreseen during this early phase and thus business goes on as usual, often quite successfully.  Flash forward a few years and you'll see a clinic group shifting into a phase where they desire stable growth while creating a succession plan.  Senior leadership needs overdue flexibility with clinic hours but also needs to maintain an accurate pulse on day to day health of the business.  Groups in this position need to have essential data points to guide key hiring and expansion decisions, know when it's time to promote a staff therapist to clinical leader, and ensure revenue is being maximized while simultaneously avoiding therapist burnout. 

This situation is exactly where Clinic Calibration comes in.  A one year program designed to get your clinic repositioned for the next phase of success.  Dr. Alan Fredendall, Chief Operating Officer and Dr. Jeff Moore, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Clinical Excellence combine their skill sets with data collection/evaluation and clinical processes to take detailed inventory of your clinic's current position and chart a course forward.  Over a one year period we will take your group through three phases:

  • Taking Inventory: In this initial phase we will be gathering information on all necessary metrics to determine the overall status and health of your practice, recognizing glaring areas for immediate improvement, and teaching the clinic staff which key metrics to begin tracking immediately.

  • Implementation: Once inventory is taken we will recommend several strategic opportunities that could be capitalized on immediately to improve revenue and operations. There is marked variance here between clinic groups with some needing to adjust staffing or scheduling, while others would benefit from altering billing policies or clinician development methods. The solutions offered are unique to your group and take into account vital information such as state laws and practice acts.

  • Charting the Course: Following implementation it is time to decide exactly where you want to go and for us to map out a route to get you there. We will identify your long term goals and educate the staff on what numbers need to be achieved in which areas to be successful. Importantly, we will work with your staff on the 'how to' for tracking so that we can be assured the information is immediately actionable.

It is rarely a lack of talent that prevents clinics from transitioning through their young phase of rapid growth and expansion to a mature phase of stable profits and widespread job satisfaction.  On the contrary, they are almost invariably excellent at keeping the boat floating and rowing it rapidly.  What they lack is a compass that tells them at any given moment which way to steer in the changing wind.  We take great pride in helping talented clinicians and leaders go from good to great by giving them the tools to monitor, fine tune, and maximize their success.

COST:  Clinic Calibration is a 12 month program. Cost is $1000 per month for a total of $12,000.00 for the one year commitment.