ICE Certifications & Physical Therapy CEUs: Your pathway to fitness forward specialization in physical therapy!

The Institute of Clinical Excellence has never and will never offer a Residency or Fellowship program as we believe a more efficient and cost effective pathway to clinical and business success exists in niche skill development combined with in-person examination. The goal with each of our certifications is simple: Maximize your outcomes and ability to sell your physical therapy services to the public and establish a thriving practice.

Physical Therapy CEU’s & Certifications at the Institute of Clinical Excellence

Each course series is packed with cutting edge didactic and hands-on content followed by in-person testing to ensure you have obtained a clinic ready skill set.  What you won’t find is endless paperwork or patient logs, long outdated online exams, or requirements which have minimal carry over to clinical practice and business success.

Put simply, ICE Certifications quickly and effectively separate you from your competition like no other post-graduate product, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives for physical therapy continuing education.

Step 1: Choose the right certification to specialize in your favorite patient population:

Step 2: Review the appropriate curriculum via the links below, sign up, and set sail on the journey!

Why Should You Consider ICE for Physical Therapy CEU’s & Certification Courses?

The Institute of Clinical Excellence is proudly leading the way towards a fitness forward, manual therapy skilled, and psychologically informed future in physical therapy.  Our certifications allow you to leverage our curriculum to bring PT 2.0 to the exact patient demographic you want to serve in your community.  Visit our certifications page to learn more about any and all of these options to fast track your success!