Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – July 3, 2024

Zone 2 benefits (for some), gait mechanics in the presence of low back pain, and more in this episode of Hump Day Hustling! If you want to dive deeper with ICE content check out our Upcoming Courses and Specialty Certifications!

Zone 2 Training

Important for high intensity athletes?

The question at hand: Do CrossFit, Hyrox, and other high intensity competitors benefit from lower intensity (Zone 2) training? This is a great deep dive on what zone 2 is, how to find it yourself, and an answer to whether incorporating will improve your high intensity sport performance.

Short answer: Beginner CrossFit athletes do not. Advanced should incorporate some. Elite depends on their specific strengths & weaknesses.

Exercise & Pregnancy

Is self report of intensity accurate?

This was a study looking at >700 pregnant women and looked at self-reported vs accelerometer physical activity.

The findings? They overestimated how active they were by about 60-90 minutes a week!

They were actually exercising at a lower intensity then they reported (average 4.8 METs)

This is fascinating and some of the underlying fatigue may have made the difference between RPE and objective measures. This was a big cohort to look at this type of research. We see this in general population too.

Atrophy vs Hypertrophy

“Robbing Peter to pay Paul”

Hypothesis: When energy expenditure is high and/or caloric intake is low, the body will resorb muscle mass from unused or underused muscle groups to provide nutrition to more active muscle groups

Researchers in this study used full-body MRI on 21 untrained individuals who followed 10 weeks of resistance training. Subjects performed bicep curls, tricep extensions, leg curls, and leg extensions at 3-4 sets to failure at 60% 1RM. This group trained ipsilateral arm/leg 3x/week and contralateral arm/leg 2x/week. Subjects were divided into two groups: “high energy” or “low energy” intake.

Findings? Individuals in the low intake group experienced statistically significant increases in muscle atrophy, particularly of the soleus & adductor magnus muscles. As these muscles do not cross the knee but are large, important, functional muscles, they were not recruited in the exercises performed.

Take-aways? If you’re going to increase your training volume and/or reduce your calorie intake, make sure you still continue to perform resistance training to all major muscle groups.

Gait Mechanics

…In the presence of low back pain

Articles on runners with LBP are few and far between which makes this just-published article on gait mechanics in runners with LBP gait analysis gold!

104 runners ≥15 years with mechanical low back pain during and after running without stress fractures, herniated discs, or neurological symptoms were compared to runners without LBP. Runners with LBP displayed lower cadence, greater medial-lateral COM, greater stride width variability, greater right ankle ROM, lower peak GRF but higher average vertical loading rate, and higher joint moments at the knee and hip. The authors suggest that some of these biomechanics differences may be the result of alterations in motor control or impaired proprioception due to pain, or activation of different muscle strategies to attempt to control motion during running.

The results of this study cannot infer causative factors for developing LBP as a runner as it is a cross-sectional study, rather, results should only be used as a reference for potential mechanical faults to look for when evaluating runners with LBP.

Partner Corner

Partner Corner

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