Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – May 29, 2024

Caffeine, bone conduction headphones product review, tendinopathy, and more in this week’s hump day hustling! If you want to dive deeper with ICE content check out our Upcoming Courses and Specialty Certifications!


Review paper from some legends

This open access April 2024 paper underscores again the importance of requiring a solid subjective examination PLUS objective that includes palpation, MMT, and functional loading. It specifically reviews gluteal tendinopathy and proximal hamstring tendinopathy alongside some solid educational strategies for each condition early in care when higher irritability is on board.

Conclusion is saucy and we dig it: “The evidence is clear, many efforts at dissemination have been made, at present practice remains studiously either ignorant to this evidence or resistant to change.”


It’s powerful, but so is expectation

Eight recreationally active, college-aged men were studied to examine the relationship between caffeine & exercise performance, & completed 4 experimental conditions, each separated by 7 days.

Experimental conditions:
1) Informed they were consuming 200 mg of caffeine & received 200 mg of caffeine
2) Informed they were consuming 200 mg of caffeine & received placebo
3) Informed they were consuming placebo but received 200 mg caffeine
4) Informed they were consuming placebo & received placebo

Subjects performed an incremental single-leg knee extensor ergometer where they stood on one leg while the other leg was clipped into a boot on a cycle ergometer. Subjects were instructed to maintain 70 RPM for as long as possible while increasing workload by 4 Watts each minute.

Results: individuals told they were consuming caffeine who received caffeine had significantly higher power output than both placebo conditions, but no statistically significant difference was found with the group told they were receiving placebo who received actual caffeine.

Takeaway? Belief is powerful but so is caffeine!

Knee OA

For $$$: Strength, aerobic, or usual care?

Which of the three is most cost effective? This open access three arm prospective RCT sheds some light on the question.

N=161, 35-70 YOA, symptomatic mild – moderate OA . Randomized to either strength exercise, aerobic exercise, or usual care

Aerobic program: Cycling – 10 min warm up, 30 min mod intensity (75% max heart rate), 5 min low intensity

Strength: Individualized program to include neuromuscular and strength exercise

Findings: “Mean differences in costs significantly favoured strength exercise and aerobic exercise from a 1-year societal perspective and strength exercise from a 1-year healthcare perspective”

Clinical bottom line: less advice to rest, more guidance to load. Strength > Aerobic if an OR choice must be made (but it doesn’t).

ICE Physio Product Review

Should Openrun Shokz be your next buy?

The faculty at ICE are constantly trying out products to see what enhances their own fitness forward lifestyle, and every so often we share our thoughts with you all! These reviews are never sponsored, just our quick insight to help guide your decision making! Up this month: Openrun wireless headphones by Shokz ($129.95 on their website)


  1. They do what they say. Namely, not having something plugging your ears allows a much better sense of traffic and other things happening around you when you are out on the road
  2. They stay put. One of the big battles of wireless running headphones is they fall out, or feel like they might. The Shokz wraps around your head and ear giving complete positional security throughout the run
  3. Price: $130 is closer to free than it is to the price of most quality wireless buds


  1. Call quality is atrocious. We’re never impressed with wireless buds call quality, but these are particularly poor. This can make it tough if you intend to use your long runs as an opportunity to engage in conference or other business calls
  2. Volume top end leaves a bit to be desired. Possibly in part due to the fact they aren’t in your actual ear and are built to help you keep aware of your surroundings, the top volume is a bit below what you might like to assist in achieving max intensity during a tough part of your workout
  3. Fit – Yes they stay put, BUT, when you turn your head side to side you can feel the band around the back of your neck which is moderately annoying, you do quickly get used to it however

Overall rating? IF you are apprehensive about not hearing cars or other things in your surroundings during a run these are a solid 4.5/5 stars. If that isn’t a concern for you you’re looking at 3.5/5, with most of the deduction being sound quality.

Sponsor Corner

Finish charting during work time, not dinner time, with help from Jane

Hump Day Hustling - Weekly Research Summary - May 29, 2024

Clocking out from the clinic doesn’t always mean you’re clocking out for the day. More often than not, it’s the start of those hours spent finishing patient or client notes and catching up on admin tasks long into the evening.

But that doesn’t have to be the case with Jane, a clinic management software and EMR. Here are a few ways Jane helps you finish charting during work hours:

  • Speed up your patient notes by typing less and saying more, with help from smart charting tools, like quick key phrases, smart narratives, and chart duplication.
  • Customize pre-built chart and intake form templates from Jane’s Template Library, which have been generously shared by health and wellness practitioners.
  • Track patient progress and offer personalized care to every patient with our automated pre-appointment questionnaires and follow-ups.

​Visit Jane to book a personalized demo and see Jane in action.

PTonICE Rewind

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