Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – May 22, 2024

Alabama gets direct access, CRF wins for a longer life, and more in this week’s hump day hustling! If you want to dive deeper with ICE content check out our Upcoming Courses and Specialty Certifications!

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

A predictor of health outcomes

From BJSM – an open access systematic review with meta-analyses looking at 20.9 million observations from 199 cohort studies evaluating cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) as a predictor of health outcomes

Inclusion: Adults (≥18 years) with CRF measured via exercise testing or prediction equations, focusing on mortality and chronic conditions (VO2 Max testing, submax testing, and predictive equations)


  • All-Cause Mortality: High CRF linked to lower risk (HR*=0.47).
  • Dose-Response: Each 1-MET increase in CRF reduces mortality by 11%-17%.
  • Heart Failure: High CRF significantly lowers risk (HR*=0.31).
  • Cardiovascular Mortality in Chronic Disease: High CRF reduces risk (HR*=0.27)

Take Home: We need to get our patients moving more and often. The fitter they become, the less likely they are to die from cancer, CV and pulmonary diseases


“Growing Bolder”

This website is the motherboard of all things positive aging, community, and helpful resources – podcasts, long form videos/interviews, short form etc. plenty of content on health and longevity.

Clinicians – take a browse and bookmark/save specific topics to share with your patients, better yet encourage their patients to just get lost in the platform!


It’s all relative

Albert Einstein once famously postulated that anyone who doubted that time was a subjective, relative experience should measure time while sitting on a hot stove and compare that to the experience of time passing sitting while talking to a pretty girl.

​This recently published study in Brain & Behavior took 33 recreationally active adults and had them perform 3 different 4000 m stationary bike time trials:

  1. Solo time trial
  2. Time trial riding with a digital avatar “friend”
  3. Time trial riding with a digital avatar “friend” with voice instructions to outperform the digital avatar

Subjects were asked to estimate 30 seconds of time passing before exercise, at 500 m/1500 m/2500 m during each trial, and post-exercise. While subjects were able to accurately estimate when 30 seconds had passed before/after exercise, all subjects regardless of time trial perceived time to move significantly slower while exercising.

This has implications for pacing during exercise, particularly longer endurance activities, but also begins to explain why people may value exercise so much: time spent exercising feels like a longer amount of time, subjectively, than it actually is objectively.

Anyone who’s ever done a tabata on the Echo bike: “We knew this already”

Alabama Direct Access

Congratulations on HB 232!

It’s always wonderful when barriers are removed for people to get access to physical therapy and for physical therapists to do what they love! HB 232 was officially signed into law May 16th which means the board will write some new rules and regulations following which the legislation can be enacted! Quick summary of the bill and progress HERE, full text of the bill HERE.

Sponsor Corner

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Hump Day Hustling - Weekly Research Summary - May 22, 2024

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PTonICE Rewind

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