Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – May 15, 2024

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Result of circadian dysfunction?

Open Access Review Paper​

Recent circadian biology and sleep science is recognizing the association between circadian dysfunction and nocturia (nighttime frequency of urination).

Why is this important to our clinical practice? Nocturia is more frequent in our older adult population, however it affects all ages and stages. We can make significant changes to bladder function which will directly influence sleep disruption. Refer these clients to a pelvic health physical therapist for conservative management of bladder annoyances that impact sleep.

Here’s to changing symptoms AND lives!

Depression & Anxiety

Target: 26 years and younger

Endless medication and diagnostic labeling doesn’t seem to be working, maybe we double down on exercise?

Ten RCTs and 376 participants were included in this open access systematic review + meta analysis. Conclusion: “Resistance training is an effective intervention in reducing depression and anxiety symptoms in young people, delivered across a range of settings.”

We’re not taking a hard anti-medication stance, but we’re certainly in support of getting kids moving and loaded up as part of the solution. Expect positive side effects to extend well beyond their mental health.


Patient friendly infographics

Behavior change starts with patient friendly explanations. The more we spread awareness detailing signs and symptoms, and solutions to address Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-s), the greater the opportunities to promote behavior change in our clients experiencing RED-s.

A multidisciplinary team from Sport Ireland created these 5 free and downloadable patient friendly infographics to promote awareness and normalize discussion on RED-s including signs & sx of RED-s, balancing training/refueling, recovery strategies and more. Post these around the clinic or save them for future reference to provide to clients who you suspect are in RED-s, in addition to any appropriate referrals to RED-S informed providers.


First we seek to understand

It’s all around us, heck it’s IN most of us!

​This book is a great resource for clinicians to understand their own type A personality AND to help our similarly wired patients effectively manage stressful situations. Definitely give it a read, we suspect you’ll find yourself passing on the recommendation to plenty of folks on your caseload!

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Hump Day Hustling - Weekly Research Summary - May 15, 2024 - Sponsor Corner

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