Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – March 27, 2024

Blue zones, a couple bias checks, and more in this episode of Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE content make sure to check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations.

Bias Check

Exercise ineffective for acute LBP?

It’s no secret that the ICE crew champions exercise as important part of the treatment for many physical and psychological challenges, but does the evidence agree in the case of pain relief and functional improvement for acute (<6 week) LBP? This open access Cochrane review suggests no.

Conclusion: “The findings of this systematic review do not suggest any benefit of using exercise therapy in the acute phase of LBP”

Authors disclose that evidence is very uncertain due primarily to high risk of bias in the trials, and there are plenty of other important points to consider such as no controlling for intensity/duration of exercise or level of supervision (individual/group/etc) etc. These common limitations acknowledged it still forces us to ask questions about how best to come alongside those in acute LBP.

ICE Hot Take: A manual therapy heavy approach on the front end as recommended by recent CPG followed by increased fitness doses to improve resilience and performance beyond baseline is likely the winning formula. Manage symptoms and maximize fitness.


Is “anatomical possibilism” causing harm?

“We propose that osteopaths’ guiding anatomical premise that ‘it is all connected, so it all matters’, which we term ‘Anatomical Possibilism’ (AP), is not only fallacious but may inhibit the delivery of effective and ethical care.”

This open access publication is a fascinating dive into the heavy reliance on anatomy, and proposed links based upon it, within the osteopathic profession. It’s a critical appraisal that rehab providers of ALL types should take to heart as we try and free ourselves (and our patients) from the stranglehold that these theoretical anatomical/biomechanical models have had on us for far too long.

Many of the stories we’ve made up are very likely doing more harm than good, and it’s time to replace them with sound principles and patient centered care.

Blue Zones

How to live to 100

First off, if you haven’t had a chance to check out Simon Sinek’s podcast A Bit of Optimism, it is a breath of fresh air with very digestible episode lengths.

This recent one with Blue Zones explorer Dan Buettner is particularly noteworthy for those of us interested in the health and longevity space. One of our favorite quotes from the episode: “The most powerful thing you can do to add good years to your life is to ‘re-curate’ those social circles you have control over”

We always say control the controllables and love this take on how your social circle, and the contagious health behaviors within them, should be your first stop to redesigning a better longer life!

Remote Delivery

As good as in person??

This is a bit of bias check take two. As a rehab provider there is a part of you that doesn’t want to accept that remotely delivered care could possibly hold a candle to the magic of your manual therapy and inter personal skills… but this open access RCT does force us to entertain the possibility.

The Scoop: 210 adults presenting to one of 5 public hospitals over in Australia with a musculoskeletal condition. They either got 1 in person session followed by text follow ups, phone calls, and an exercise program delivered via an app. Or they got standard in person care

The Results: With one of our favorite outcome measures, the Patient Specific Functional Scale, at the helm there were nonsignificant differences found between the two groups at 6 weeks

ICE Hot Take: This is ultimately excellent news as more people need PT than have convenient access to it. Effective programs efficiently utilizing resources in this manner could be of massive use to serve the greater population. It is worth noting though that just because it works doesn’t mean people want it. The predicted “Telehealth Takeover” during and following COVID completely stalled as consumers opted for in-person care the moment it was available. Perhaps through educating them of this viable option we can work to shift those preferences a bit?

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