Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – March 13, 2024

Does getting “psyched up” improve performance? Are injury risk factors different for high school vs collegiate runners? Answers to these questions and much more in this episode of Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE content make sure to check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations.

Endurance Athlete

Considerations for postpartum athletes

Some beautiful images in this Infographic by British Journal of Sports Medicine of whole body considerations for the postpartum athlete including mental health, bone health, cardiovascular system, core/pelvic floor musculature, hematology and nutrition.

This could be a wonderful resource to post in the clinic written in patient friendly language. We aren’t fans of how they use the word “damage” when talking about effects of pregnancy/ delivery on the pelvic floor and abdominals, but otherwise dig the holistic perspective!

Running Related Injuries

New systematic review

Great new SR on risk factors for running related injuries (RRI) in high school and collegiate XC runners. Worth the whole read, but here are the highlights:

In high school runners, females were at a greater risk of RRI by 1.4x, a history of RRI increased odds of a subsequent RRI by 50%, preseason training (terrain, volume, duration) influenced risk of RRI, poor sleep quality increased risk, and highly specialized HS runners were at 75% greater risk of RRI.

Among collegiate runners, a history of RRI increased risk of subsequent injury and a history of BSI increased risk of a second BSI by 2.2x. Collegiate runners who increased weekly volume by >10 miles/week were at increased risk of RRI, BSI risk increased by 5% for every 1 step/min decrease in step rate, and a history of abnormal menstruation increased RRI risk in-season.

Exercise Performance

Does getting “psyched up” help?

This systematic review by Kurtis Cusimano and colleagues from the JAN2024 edition of Strength & Conditioning evaluated research with inclusion criteria that looked at individuals who were randomized/counterbalanced into studies that assessed self-directed “psych-up” techniques before or during efforts of maximal force production.

26 studies including 1,022 participants (25% female/75% male) and categorized “psych-up techniques” into 7 categories:

1) Preparatory arousal (screaming)
2) Preparatory self-talk (“I can lift this”)
3) Preparatory imagery (imagining completing the lift)
4) Self-talk + imagery combined
5) Attentional focus (self-cueing like “squeeze your butt”)
6) Relaxation (sitting or lying quietly before a lift)
7) Free-choice (a mixture of different techniques)

Findings: 65% of all individuals favored a psych-up technique. Active psych-up techniques outperformed passive techniques by 68%.

Take-aways: Performing some sort of psych-up technique does seem to increase maximal force production, but the folks who benefitted the most were also already experienced lifters. In addition, no particular technique was significantly more effective than any other.

Matcha Tea

Legit benefits or all hype?

It’s growing in popularity, but are people actually benefiting? Research is limited at this time but preliminary findings discussed in this critical review paper suggest catechins in matcha may lower the content of triglycerides and low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood and increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which all leads to improved lipid metabolism. There are also favorable findings regarding improved cognition, reduced stress, and reduced anxiety, as well as reducing tumor proliferation and metastasis. Not a bad start for the Matcha evidence train!

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