Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – March 6, 2024

A new publication from ICE faculty, options to alter muscle activation in your back squat, and much more in this episode of Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE content make sure to check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations.

New Publication from ICE Team

Nuances of Valsalva and bracing

ICE Faculty Christina Prevett and Rachel Moore worked together on this clinical commentary diving into the nuance of Valsalva and what we believe is the right way to assess the pelvic floor of a barbell athlete.

Shout out to ICE faculty Alexis Morgan as well for the cameo picture of our standing exam! We’re excited to get these ideas out into the research universe.


Leveraging exercise intensity

This is a small, lower powered study, so be careful with drawing broad conclusions regardless of how exciting we may find them!

10 folks with mild PD executed the “Beat Parkinson’s Today” exercise protocol: 72 group classes included over 6 months:

  • “A typical workout includes warm-up (5 min), exercise (30 min) with two consecutive circuits (composed of strength, cardio, and power exercises) each performed twice with 30 s rest periods between rounds, boxing (15 min), and cool-down (10 min).”
  • 80% HR max was the goal but typically, 60–65% of the maximum HR was achieved in most classes. Participants reached the target HR of 80% of their theoretical maximum in two-thirds of classes

Results: “Exercise reversed the expected decrease in dopanmine transporter availability into a significant increase in both the substantia nigra and putamen. Exercise also reversed the expected decrease in neuromelanin concentration in the substantia nigra into a significant increase. These findings suggest improved functionality in the remaining dopaminergic neurons after exercise

Sincerely hoping larger scale studies can replicate these findings!


Change rotation, change activation

Issues in the hip with squatting? As always, changing stance can have a huge impact!

This qualitative study evaluated muscle activation in the hip when individuals (14 male/18 female) performed full depth squat with normal technique (hip width stance, 0-15 degree toe out), laterally rotated stance (increased hip ABD & ER), and medially rotated stance (increased hip ADD & IR).

Findings: In both laterally rotated & medially rotated stances, hip extension demand decreased overall. In laterally rotated squats, the demand on the glutes decreased & adductors increased. In medially rotated squats, the demand on the glutes increased while the demand on the adductors decreased.

Clinical Relevance: Issues in the lateral hip? Have your patients try a wider, more turned out stance. Issues in the adductors? Have your patients try a narrow, toes forward stance.

No issues? Squat in whatever stance feels comfortable for you.

Sexual Health

Normalizing intimacy across the lifespan

Sexual intimacy issues in the pelvic floor space is massively dismissed by the medical system, as well as, family and friends. Perception of sex, physical issues with penetration and climax, arousal, libido, and so much more are deep waters many are not willing to dive into. This podcast is designed to empower women and their partners about normalizing sex across the lifespan.

If this makes you uncomfortable, just remember, you will one day be old and still wanting sex:)

Hump Day Hustling - Weekly Research Summary - March 6, 2024
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