Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – February 14, 2024

Tendinopathy management tip, PTs rise to primary care role, and more in this episode of Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE content make sure to check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations.


Modify as needed and lift on!

Just a quick inspo vid of Annie Thorisdottir picking up heavy things at 27 weeks pregnant to kick this episode off! Using blocks to decrease range when getting heavy is a great modification to decrease belly to thigh contact, for pain, leakage, and so much more!

Change to the body during pregnancy is inevitable, but training can adapt! Modifications in all shapes and sizes. Pregnant, not weak!

Endurance Athlete

Running gait gets techy!

This 2024 open access RCT with 160 recreational runners looked at the injury rate in runners who received real-time feedback for running mechanics vs a control group who did not received feedback. The intervention group used pressure-sensitive insoles and wearables that tracked parameters like cadence, footstrike, and speed that were then used as inputs to an algorithm that determined which body segment had the highest potential load. Runners were given audible feedback such as “increase your step frequency” via an app based on target zones for speed, cadence, and foot strike that would theoretically decrease load on specific body segments.

Authors found a significantly lower acute injury rate (<7 days) and severity of running related injury in the group that received feedback compared to the control group. No significant difference was found between groups for injuries lasting >7 days.

PTs as Primary Care Providers

Unites States military leading the way!

PTs have always enjoyed a higher level of autonomy in military vs civilian outfits. This recently announced decision to have physical therapists serve as primary care providers shows that they are seeing the value of this pattern and doubling down! A shift to a true primary care role in the military is exciting for all physical therapists as policies often trickle down to the general population where many states continue to struggle with direct access and autonomy.


Heel lifts shows surprising promise

Silbernagel just published this study finding improvements in pain, self report function and gait mechanics for people with achilles tendinopathy after using a pair of 20 mm heel lifts for 2 weeks.

Design: N=20 single arm cohort (no randomization or comparison/control group). Measurements taken at baseline, immediate effects and then 2 week follow up. Patients are middle aged with an avg symptom duration of 42 months and current pain on avg 4/10.

Most people got better, 2 point pain reduction, 7 point visa improvement, gait parameters improved. Not the strongest evidence for efficacy but does establish effectiveness and might be worth trying for someone not responding to treatment. Surprisingly most of the patient’s presented with chronic symptom histories (avg duration of symptoms over 3 years). We would expect to see this type of intervention used earlier on when the condition is more acute and irritable, but excited about the results none the less!


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