Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – February 7, 2024

Lots of bias checking this week alongside a few resources for sleep and mental health, it’s another packed episode of Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE content make sure to check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations.

Sleep Enhancement

A role for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)?

Does ASMR help sleep quality? This open access quasi-experiment design set out to determine the effect of ASMR on sleep quality of medical students in Indonesia. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) questionnaire was filled out prior to and following 14 days of ASMR video intervention (treatment group) and non-ASMR video intervention (control group). ASMR triggers included: role-play such as haircut and cooking, and whispering, rubbing, delicate hand movements and close personal attention.

Numbers may bore you but data does’t lie, so here it is: PSQI scores after 14 days of ASMR stimulation in the treatment group was 3.9 ± 0.91 lower than the control group which was 6.8 ± 1.61, the difference being significant (p<0.001). For reference, before treatment numbers were 7.0±1.69 (treatment group) and 6.7±1.45 (control group). Furthermore, PSQI sleep quality category of all subjects rated their sleep as bad. Following intervention, the treatment group rated their sleep quality as good, while the control group rating remained the same.

Should we add ASMR to our sleep hygiene tool box? The conclusion points to yes, ASMR stimulation may benefit people who are having sleep problems.

Mental Health

What gets measured gets managed

You know how much we love data tracking, and here’s one when it comes to our mental health. This app allows you to log in your feelings/emotions throughout the day and then add parameters for when you felt them such as was working, at home, resting, on socials, etc.

Based on what you log and when, it will give you data on the emotions you feel, what days of the week, time of day, etc. It also has daily little five minute educational videos on mental well being, emotions, etc. to help optimize and understand why you’re feeling what you are feeling. Think of this as a subjective variable to pair alongside something like HRV, the variation of which oscillates with nervous system states.

What we give our attention to is where we improve, often our mental health takes a back seat to our physical health, an app like this can help rebalance the systems!


Running injury program strikes out

This systematic review did not find sufficient evidence to support the use of non-running based programs to reduce the risk of running related injuries. Notably, programs were highly variable and included strength, agility, balance, plyos, & body weight exercises making results difficult to compare, and studies included in the review were generally of poor quality.

Interestingly, the studies that did observe protective effects of intervention programs on running-related injuries reported using supervised exercise programs, reported more compliance, and were longer than 6 weeks in duration. While we can’t concluded that non-running exercise programs prevent running-related injuries, clinical take-aways from this review are that runners may benefit more from supervised (vs unsupervised) injury-prevention programming and programs likely need to be long term to see a positive benefit.

Huber(man) or Huber(scam)

Are we following along blindly?

We’re just in a #BiasCheck kind of mood this week as we’ve certainly shared PLENTY of Huberman episodes in Hump Day Hustling over the years. Agree with it or not, this is an excellent and important piece by the Unbiased Science Podcast talking about the harm pseudoscience/poor science communicators. It’s not just Huberman, there are plenty of problematic examples including Attia and Galpin stepping out of their lane and painting with an overly broad “expert” brush.

We need to be careful and actually examine the “science” spewed by these podcasts. Are the guests credible? Are there red flags in their backgrounds? Are they receiving payments from wellness companies? What products are they pushing? Do the studies make sense to actual humans or clinically? Don’t disguise their CONFIDENCE and jargon for expertise. (Recall Huberman has a background in neuroscience/OPHTHALMOLOGY) Always question and dig deeper.

These science communicators can be as dangerous as the can be helpful since most people can’t understand the nuance behind these topics. Examples include, fostering a distrust of the medical system, encouraging disordered eating etc. Gotta stay sharp out here people!

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