Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – January 17, 2024

Huge tendinopathy publication, early mobility in the ICU, surprising benefits of owning house plants, and much more! Enjoy this week’s Hump Day Hustling, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE content make sure to check out Upcoming Course Dates and Locations.


JOSPT opening 2024 strong!

JOSPT season debut is a full tendinopathy review of all the best and most current literature! Importantly, they also included 2 graphics for patients which make for amazing and digestible shareables for our community audiences: The first is 5 things to look for in finding a PT and 5 things to be cautious of, the second is 5 ways to self manage achilles tendinopathy and when to seek additional help. The great news is the graphic is all things PT 2.0, LOVE TO SEE IT!

House Plants?

The info you didn’t know you needed

Yep you read that right, this open access crossover experimental study (same subjects testing 2 tasks at different times) looked at psychological and physiological benefits while transplanting a household plant.

Twenty-four males were divided into 2 groups: Tending to a household plant or working on a computer task. Subjects switched groups the next day. Physiological evaluation included semantic differential method (rating feelings on a 7 point scale) and the psychological evaluation included blood pressure measurements and HRV.

Findings: Blood pressure and HRV dropped when transplanting a household plant and subjects reported more positive feelings when interacting with the plant. Overall, subjects had a decrease in stress response when interacting with a household plant even being unfamiliar with the task.

Moral of the story: Consider adding “tending to plants” into our stress management tool box!

Women’s Health

Inito: Hormonal tracking simplified

​Inito is a fertility app that tracks hormones in the comfort of your own home in less than 10 minutes! The app measures 4 hormones that not only tells you WHEN you ovulate but also confirms ovulation by tracking urine metabolite of progesterone. This app is wonderful to learn about your body whether you want to get pregnant or want to avoid it. Right now they are running 15% off when you hop on their email list!


Great podcast on early mobility

“Walking home from the ICU” is a must listen for anyone interested in early mobility in this setting. Topics cover sedation, delirium, spontaneous breathing trials, ABCDEF critical care bundle, PT/OT collaboration and more. Episode 99 is with Kyle Ridgeway and Kenny Venere, two ICU therapists and strong proponents of early ICU mobility, titled “How Physical Therapists save lives in the ICU.” They dive into how while the rest of the medical team is thinking minute to minute about the patient, the therapists are thinking weeks months and years down the road. One part we particularly love is they speak about having “10000 data points” of working with patients in the ICU and zero reported adverse advents.

Brain Gains

Want willpower? Load the anterior mincingulate cortex

“Do something that sucks” continues to rally evidence support which was discussed on this recent podcast with Huberman and Goggins. When people do more things they don’t want to do, the anterior midcingulate cortex gets bigger. It is smaller in obese people and gets bigger when they diet. It’s larger in athletes. It is especially large in people who see themselves as challenged or feel they overcame some challenge. In people who live a very long time, this area keeps its size.

“Scientists are starting to see this area not just related to willpower, but perhaps the will to live.”

​The key takeaway is that it only grows by doing things you actually don’t want to do, not just by doing things that are hard. So if you love the workouts you do every day, and you love your cold plunge morning routine, and you love the food you eat every day, those things do nothing to grow that area. It has to be “I don’t want to do this, but am going to do it anyway.”

PTonICE Rewind

Did you miss any of our ICE Physio podcasts last week? Well here you go!

Monday: “I did NOT want to be a pelvic PT” (Christina Prevett)
Tuesday: “Dry needling and nerve stim” (Paul Killoren)
Wednesday: “Accessories for grip and hand issues” (Dustin Jones)
Thursday: “Technique Thursday: Dry needling for subscapularis” (Ellison Melrose)
Friday: “The benefits of injury as a PT” (Joe Hanisko)​

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