Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – January 10, 2024

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Single Leg RDL

Which hand should the weight go in??

Single leg Romanian Deadlift (SLRDL) via dumbbell (DB) or flywheel loading was compared in two scenarios: same side loading vs. contralateral loading in 12 humans with 2 years of resistance experience

EMG activity of superior gluteus maximus, inferior gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, biceps femoris, erector spinae, external oblique, and adductor longus were measured via performance of maximal speed of SLRDL for 6 reps, positions were standardized with knee flexed ~15 degrees and trunk parallel to ground.

While there was no significant difference found between DB vs flywheel loading, there was superiority in contralateral loading for firing up all musculature noted above^^!

Clinical/Gym implication: When you want to fire up the extensors most choose opposite side loading PLUS this also provides an edge in frontal plane demand/control!

Article Link (Open Access)

Women’s Health

Book Rec: Taking Charge of Your Fertility

The Fertility Awareness Method is popping off in the menstruating population. The louder our voices get around our reproductive health and the more we learn about the pharmaceutical industry, women are wanting off artificial hormones. Symptoms like gaining weight, low sex drive, painful sex, and massive emotional shifts are driving us mad.

This book is helping women take charge of their fertility, whether this is to become pregnant or to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. It teaches us to track our exact fertility window because we can’t get pregnant every day of the month. What a powerful tool to teach the population!

Tension Headaches

Could “Load It” apply here as well?

It sure seems that way, at least per this recent open access RCT out of Frontiers in Neurology

Design: 40 individuals split into 2 groups – strength training for 12 weeks vs control. Subjects performed 3×8-10 of each exercise at an intensity of 7/10, 2x/week during the first 6 weeks and 3x/week during last 6 weeks.

Results: Significantly reduced intensity and duration of headaches, increased thickness of deep cervical muscles (perhaps that pump we’re always droning on about??), decreased PPT (temporalis, traps, masseter), and increased strength of DNF

Key Take Away: Even with questionable “strength training,” we saw some nice changes, and without manual therapy. Imagine if you used something better than theraband and combined some joint and soft tissue work??? Might not see it in the research for another ten years, but you can do it in clinic today!

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