Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – December 27, 2023

Protein recommendations, dog ownership for dementia prevention, and much more! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE content make sure to check out Upcoming Course Dates and Locations. (Prices increase on all $650 courses to $695 MONDAY, buy your 2024 tickets before then to save some cash!)

Protein Bioavailability

How many grams can your body use at once?

This is yet another area of strong opinions but seemingly little research, which is why this instagram post from Shoenfeld was nice to see. The post summarizes this recent open access publication titled: “The anabolic response to protein ingestion during recovery from exercise has no upper limit in magnitude and duration in vivo in humans

Definitely challenges the commonly held belief that there is an upper limit (commonly thought to be 30-40g) for useable protein consumption at one sitting. Not sure we’re on board for the 100g of post workout milk protein just yet, but great to see some science to guide our decision making here!

Dog Ownership

Protective against dementia??

We thought this would be a fun share over the holidays while everyone is spending a bit of extra time with their furry friends! An new open access, prospective, longitudinal study out of Japan concludes the following: “Dog ownership had a suppressive effect on incident disabling dementia after adjusting for background factors over a 4-year follow-up period. Specifically, dog owners with an exercise habit and no social isolation had a significantly lower risk of disabling dementia.”

We’re always looking for low hanging fruit to help the older adults in our clinics and lives lengthen their health span, with dog ownership already on the rise this is an easy win win. Share the good news with older adults in your community!

Lower Limb Asymmetry

Seeking convenient measurement methods

Looking for alternative ways to assess lower-limb function & objectively quantify asymmetry? While the BIODEX & force plate is the gold standard, most clinics will never have access to these tools. This article sought to measure the test-retest reliability of a single-leg maximum effort sit-to-stand.

The researchers were meticulous in the setup: the chair used was 45 cm high, 40 cm deep, and 40 cm wide. There were no armrests and the backrest was not allowed to be used. On the command “go”, subjects stood in on the working leg as fast as possible, reaching full hip & knee extension without allowing the contralateral leg to touch the ground.

TL;dr – We now have the 5RM rear-foot elevated split squat and single-leg STS as alternative ways to confidently assess & quantify lower-limb strength asymmetries.

Kettlebell Swings

Swing height vs mechanical demand

This study aimed to determine the differences in the force plate–derived biomechanical characteristics of heavy kettlebell swings to 3 different heights, as altering the height of the kettlebell swing may be one way to alter the mechanical demands with the same kettlebell mass.”

Quick summary: Swinging a lighter kettlebell higher is an alternative way to force the body to produce the same amount of impulse & braking associated with swinging heavier kettlebells if the patient/athlete cannot swing the next bell up or the equipment is not available.

​CrossFitters: “We know.”

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