Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – November 22, 2023

Tendinopathy top 5, America’s care giving crisis alert, and much more in this edition of Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE content make sure to check out Upcoming Course Dates and Locations


JOSPT “Top 5”

“Five papers from the last five years that just might change how you manage tendons” straight from the self proclaimed “passionate tendinophiles” themselves!

Evidence always progresses/changes, but we can likely agree that our understanding of tendinopathy management has had some particularly large leaps recently. Carve time out to dive into these papers and make sure your practice is reflecting the most current research.

    Care Giving Crisis

    Powerful New York Times piece

    We have a caregiving crisis in America. This article discusses the current (and unfortunate) state of elder care in our society. It reviews the high costs, the caregivers’ experiences, and shows how other countries handle this issue.

    “We just don’t value elders the way that other countries and other cultures do,” says Dr. Rachel M. Werner, the executive director of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. Definitely worth some reflection and awareness as the holiday season nears.

    Intention-Behavior Gap

    When wanting isn’t enough

    Commonly on social media, we are told people simply “don’t want it bad enough.” This systematic review with meta-analysis of 29,600 subjects revealed what we already commonly know about human beings: they tend to fall into categorization “buckets”:

    1) Non-intenders exceeding intentions (4% of people) – individuals who had no intention of beginning a regular exercise program who actually began a regular exercise program & developed a successful habit
    2) Non-intenders who underexceeded intentions (26% of people) – individuals who had no intention of beginning a regular exercise program who did not have success creating a regular exercise habit
    3) Intenders who exceeded intentions (38% of people) – individuals who had a strong intention to begin a regular exercise program who had success
    4) Intenders who underexceeded intentions (33% of people) – individuals who had a strong intention to begin a regular exercise program who were not successful

    Facilitating behavior change seems to be primarily a luck of the draw of interacting with a patient or client who happens to be open & willing to change at that moment in time, who has the resources to make that change, and who has plenty of support during the transition

    TL;dr – For people looking to begin regular exercise, their likelihood of translating intention to actual behavior change is about a coin flip (47.6%). It is regular & normal for individuals looking to make a behavior change in their life to fail to do so, regardless of how much they “want it.” Peeling back layers with these individuals about what they’ve tried before, and why they think they didn’t have success can be very helpful in potentially making their next attempt successful.

    Women’s Health

    Mental illness and perimenopause

    This paper discusses the importance of understanding psychotropic medication and hormonal effects on the hypothalamopituitary–gonadal axis as women with previous mental health challenges move into perimenopause. This is an excellent opportunity to come alongside the whole human in anticipation of worsening psychological symptoms during this period. It’s hard to think of a better opportunity for exercise/physical movement than in these humans!

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