Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – July 26, 2023

Research hacks, hypertrophy dosage, and more in this hump day hustling episode! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio content make sure to check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations!

Strength Training

Largest RCT every conducted on healthy adults

An impressive 178 randomized trials for strength and 119 trials that examined hypertrophy were included in this open access systematic review and meta analysis from BMJ. The results won’t shock you but good to see what we know in larger data analyses: High load programs optimized strength gains, volume is critical for hypertrophy. Different protocols across RCT’s that demonstrate gains without significance between programs but high volume appears to tease out as the key variable across all studies. Going to failure might only be helpful for trained individuals vs going to failure not being necessary at all for un-trained individuals.

TLDR: Putting volume on someone puts muscle on someone.

Retaining Gains

The role of continued training in older adults

N = 288 (all 65+) all performing 1 hour or less per week of resistance training prior to the study. This study in July’s JSCR compared low-intensity home resistance training (3 x 12RM increasing to 5 x 6RM of sit-to-stands, modified push-ups, leg extension/leg curl/seated row with TheraBand) to center-based high intensity resistance training (same progression protocol but with leg press, leg extension, leg curl, lat pull-down, seated shoulder press machines), with or without whey protein supplementation, 3-5x/week.

Subjects had strength tested, muscular mass measured, and function measured at baseline, 6 months of training, 12 months of training, and 6 months post-study (18 month total follow-up). The study evaluated the differences during intervention and at the end of the study, but also the differences between those who reported continuing resistance training (at home or at a gym) at the end of 12 months compared to those who reported stopping.

Key takeaways
  1. Both the low-intensity home exercise group & the center-based high intensity group saw improvements in muscle mass, muscle strength, and muscular power (and was higher in both groups that supplemented with whey protein)
  2. No statistically significant differences between home exercise or center-based programs
  3. Those folks who were evaluated at 18 months who had stopped exercise (6 months no training) already had statistically significant, observable, atrophy in muscular mass.

“In conclusion, maintenance of muscle mass and strength is not superior after home-based resistance training compared with center-based training. However, training continuation seems crucial for the maintenance of muscle mass, irrespective of the training intervention.”

An “Audible” for Research

Prefer to listen vs read? You’ll love this.

It’s a paid subscription, and fair warning the narrator’s voice isn’t “edge of your seat” material, BUT if you are someone who effectively learns by listening this new app could be a game changer and time saver. Essentially you upload your research PDFs, it converts to audio and then you are able to listen to the research articles. Huge possibility of long runs and travel days helping you finally chip away at that “saved articles” folder we all have!

Research Hack Take 2

Leveraging AI for evidence based answers fast

Disclaimer: We just started playing with this tool so can’t speak to consistency/accuracy but you knew something like Consensus was coming down the pipe. Very soon may be gone the endless search queries in Pubmed and trying to synthesize from multiple sources! Hit us up with feedback if you try to use this search engine and we’ll do an update here in #HDH after a few months.

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