Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – July 19, 2023

Rethinking OA, diabetes battle rages on, pelvic health advocacy, and more in this hump day hustling episode! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio content make sure to check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations!


The runaway train is gathering speed

Our war against metabolic disease has never been more important to fight. A quote from this recent open access Lancet publication: “Diabetes represents a substantial burden to health-care systems,2,7–9 with estimates by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) indicating that 537 million people worldwide had diabetes in 2021, resulting in health expenditures of US$966 billion globally, forecast to reach more than $1054 billion by 2045”. 1,054 billion is also known as 1.054 TRILLION dollars. as this disease destroys our nation’s health and productivity it is also bankrupting us in the process.

All is not lost however, IF we are willing to square up on what is driving this issue it CAN be defeated. Another quote directly from the article, this one far more hopeful: “Type 2 diabetes, which makes up the bulk of diabetes cases, is largely preventable and, in some cases, potentially reversible if identified and managed early in the disease course. However, all evidence indicates that diabetes prevalence is increasing worldwide, primarily due to a rise in obesity caused by multiple factors. “

Obesity and metabolic health are tough topics to tackle with clients as they involve diving into personal behaviors lifestyle choices that can be triggering, but at this point we’ve got no choice. We better get comfortable coming alongside clients who need our support in this fight because the timer is just about up on our chance to right the ship.

Pelvic Health Advocacy

Ask your rep to support pelvic health!

APTA’s Action Center helps create opportunities for advocacy by keeping key issues on your radar. Our pelvic team would love to bring this call to action on pelvic health physical therapy to your attention so you can have your voice heard! “The Optimizing Postpartum Outcomes Act (H.R. 2480) is bipartisan legislation that will raise awareness of the availability and importance of pelvic health services, particularly pelvic health physical therapy, for postpartum women covered by Medicaid and CHIP.” If this is a space you are passionate, reach out to your rep!


Or time to change research design?

Another piece for The Lancet this week, this one is a systematic review and meta-analysis exploring the effect (or lack thereof?) for therapeutic exercise in the treatment of knee and hip OA.

Bad news first: Small effects of exercise on hip and knee OA were found, particularly in the mod-long term (Although notable that individuals with more pain and worse baseline function got more out of exercise interventions).

ICE hot take: Our understanding of OA continues to evolve beyond seeing it as a pathoanatomical problem and instead appreciating that its’ roots live in systemic inflammation. What isn’t evolving is our exercise selection: Knee OA? LAQ for you. Hip OA? clamshells it is. As ICE faculty Justin Dunaway stated recently “You can’t long arc quad your way out of a systemic dysfunction”. What if instead the exercise interventions targeted the health of the whole human and focused on decreasing systemic inflammation with lifestyle changes like improving sleep and increasing stress tolerance. would we see more movement on the needle?


A bit of 🔥🔥🔥 for your hump day

We recently got our video footage back from the 2023 ICE Sampler and had Ben Miller throw together a sweet sizzle reel to celebrate our community and add fuel to our fires to keep pushing the fitness forward PT 2.0 narrative. Enjoy, and we hope this energy helps carry you through the midweek!

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