Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – June 28, 2023

Intermittent fasting systematic review, gaps in opioid tracking, and much more! Enjoy this hump day hustling episode, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio content check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations

Exercise Dosage

How much rest between sets??

Such a great article from July’s JSCR to reference for anyone encountering trouble with rest being billed as “skilled”. Subjects performed resistance training with either 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 3 minutes of rest per set. Blood lactate & RPE were used to determine the effects of rest on subsequent sets. The largest difference in performance was found in those resting 2 minutes compared to 1 minute, with a trivial difference between 2 and 3 minutes. The rest is part of the work folks!

Intermittent Fasting

Systematic review level data

This new open access review looks at the effect of intermittent fasting (IF) vs non Intermittent fasting (non-IF) on appetite. Appetite defined as : “your motivation to eat food and it encompasses feelings such as hunger, fullness, and desire to eat.” RCTs that measured appetite as an outcome via a visual analogue scale of 10 or 100 were included (did you know there was a VAS for hunger?!).

It seems that out of 17 studies there is no significant difference for hunger, fullness, desire to eat, prospective food consumption, bodyweight loss, energy intake, eating behaviors or diet adherence. What does seem to shake out is finding a strategy that works for that human, their lifestyle, and their individual energy consumption & energy expenditure. Per usual, the “right way” is the one that works for the individual in front of you.


Who’s watching the henhouse?

Some facts:

  • Approximately 40% of patients with knee osteoarthritis use opioids
  • As many as 10% use them long term
  • We have no idea if Knee Replacement surgery reduces long-term opioid use

Why? Because as this new research from the Bellin College DSc program reveals, literally no one tracks this!! “What gets tracked gets changed” y’all and we couldn’t be more asleep at the wheel here.

Warmup Tips

Elevating jump height performance

Want to prime your body to perform well? Consider including some moderately heavy lifts in your warmup. In this recent publication from JSCR 15 volleyball players performed either 3 sets of 3 back squats at 85% 1RM, 2 sets of back squats at 60% 1RM until a 10% velocity loss occurred, or 1 set of back squats at 60% 1RM until a 10% velocity loss occurred.

All 3 experimental groups saw an increase in thigh/leg temperature as well as a reduction in quadriceps & Achilles’ tendon stiffness. All 3 experimental groups had an improvement in jump height. The group that warmed up and performed the single set of back squats at 60% 1RM until a 10% velocity loss had the most significant improvements.

TLDR: Ditch the static stretch only routine, follow a progressive warm-up that includes load to prime the pump for performance, but don’t overdo it.

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