Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – June 14, 2023

Scapula under scrutiny, effects of post-workout beer consumption, and much more coming at you in this week’s Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations

Bottoms Up

Post-workout beer doesn’t show negative effects

Good news if you love beer and don’t want to inhibit your recovery after exercise. This recent randomized controlled trial compared consuming 300 mL of beer vs water after a 25 minute moderate intensity run and found no differences in blood pressure, heart rate, or heart rate variability after a ~1 hour recovery period compared to baseline measures. Plenty to question here on research quality and reporting methods (changes in HRV after 1 session? Who drinks one beer?) but a fun investigation and finding nonetheless.

Anterior Knee Pain

Can we please shift to #AndNotOr yet?

This recent trail in BJSM is another frustrating rep of with the same worn out story: An under-dosed “or” approach for the loss. Essentially the authors placed 100 folks in a quadriceps focused and another 100 in a hip focused exercise group. 12 weeks later we saw, well, not much, with neither group achieving the threshold for minimal clinically important difference. As if the “hip OR knee” wasn’t frustrating enough the exercise selection and dosage won’t blow your hair back either with resistance bands being the go to and DB or backpack loading for the multi-joint movements. We have to think combining quad and glute exercise with legit strength dosage parameters would be much more effective in both research and clinic.

Scapula Mobilizations

Posting back to back losses

The profession seems to have done a decent job ditching scapular symmetry and motion assessments, and it’s likely time to do the same for mobilizations.

  1. This open access systematic review and meta-analysis on scapular mobilizations for adhesive capsulitis concludes the following: “Scapular mobilization with or without other therapeutic interventions does not provide a significant clinical benefit regarding active shoulder range of motion, disability, or pain intensity in patients with primary AC, compared with other manual therapy techniques or other treatments”
  2. Same story in this paper from Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehab looking at addition of scapular mobilizations for subacromial impingement: “In the short-term, the addition of scapular mobilization did not provide significant clinical benefits in terms of function, pain or scapular motion in participants with SIS.”

TLDR: Wiggle the scapula less and load more

Bias Check

Are we abandoning cryotherapy to early?

We have been very vocal in our support of ditching the practice of icing injury in light of what we perceive as strong and abundant recent literature suggesting it is best practice to do so. For that exact reason however, we feel it is important to offer this competing narrative that perhaps a broad brushed and rushed approach to eradicating the intervention is perhaps an overly enthusiastic interpretation of the anti-cryo evidence.

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PTonICE Rewind

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