Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – June 7, 2023

Effects of detraining, hospitality retakes its’ dignified thrown, role of minimalist footwear in running injuries, and more coming at you in this week’s Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations


Christina Prevett sits down with HWPO

Christina recently had the incredible opportunity to chat with Sammy at Hard Work Pays Off about her current pregnancy and pelvic health more broadly. Plenty to learn for those wanting to stay fit during and after pregnancy or help others achieve the same! Link to YouTube video recording

Unreasonable Hospitality

A podcast with Will Guardia and Simon Sinek

Taking care of people, providing true hospitality not just “service”, may be the most dignified and purposeful occupation an individual could have. Sound crazy? It doesn’t after you’ve read Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guardia in full. If you don’t have time for that however this podcast is a tremendous window into Will’s beautiful take on, and long history in the arena of, delivering hospitality. Enjoy and get ready for a serious paradigm shift.

Running Injuries

Minimalist footwear for the win

Systematic review of 23 studies investigating the effects of minimalist running shoes in biomechanics & injury incidence in middle & long distance runners

Contrary to popular belief, minimalist running shoes had a positive long-term effect on running economy in both middle & long distance events by reducing oscillations of the runner’s COG, leading to less time spent in double-limb support. With less ground contact time under tension, runners using minimalist footwear were found to have greater knee stability, greater foot & ankle mobility, less impact load at the knee joint, and overall, less injuries over time.


Does it eradicate gains? Could it enhance them?

What effect does short term (4 weeks) detraining have on performance? The results of this recent trial may surprise you.

  • N = 18 (soccer players competing at the state & national level)
  • Outcomes: Vertical jump, 20 yd. dash, hack squat at 50%/100%/150% body mass
  • Goal: Assess outcomes at the end of a training cycle and again 4 weeks later following detraining
  • Detraining: players refrained from any type of systematic or structured soccer practice or games or training in the gym for 4 weeks but were not asked to commit to bed rest or immobilization

Results: After 4 weeks, there was no change in vertical jump height or sprint speed. During squat assessments peak force and mean power increased at 50% and 100% body mass loads 🤯

TL/DR – Take the vacation, your performance will be there when you return

Non-Exercise Physical Activity

A review paper with massive implications

“Move more die less” – us, but really every article lately

This review paper is open access, if you only have a couple minutes just go check out figure 1 because it really says it all (and would be a great share on SoMe)

Folks, the research is becoming quite clear: Total sedentary time and in particular, long periods of uninterrupted sedentary time are consistently associated with negative cardiometabolic outcomes & an overall increase in mortality risk. Even for those who would consider themselves highly active (4-6+ hours/week of moderate-to-high intensity exercise), exercise does not seem to be able to overcome long bouts of sedentary behavior in the long-term. As the graph shows, even those reporting 35+ hours of exercise per week are still at an elevated risk if they’re also sitting/sedentary 6-8+ hours/day. We are now recognizing that structured exercise has health benefits, but so does non-exercise physical activity.

How much is enough? To minimize long-term negative cardiometabolic outcomes, the goal seems to be to aim for “moderately active” (~7,500 steps/day) to “active” (~10,000 steps/day) on top of 150-300 minutes of structured, moderate-to-high intensity exercise per week.

PTonICE Rewind

Did you miss any of our ICE Physio podcasts last week? Well here you go!

Monday: “Heart rate limits in pregnancy” (Christina Prevett)
Tuesday: “Treating patients with obesity Part 1: Check your bias” (Ellen Csepe)
Wednesday: “Dialing in exercise dosage: Prilepin’s chart” (Jeff Musgrave)
Thursday: “Debunking documentation woes” (Megan Daley)
Friday: “Stop heel striking to treat running injuries” (Jason Lunden)

Thank You! – ICE Faculty

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