Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – May 31, 2023

Glute hypertrophy, free learning opportunity for CrossFit coaches, DEI program discount courtesy of The Inclusive Clinician, and more coming at you in this week’s Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio check out our Upcoming Course Dates and Locations

Run a Pelvic Floor Workshop

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Want to do a pelvic floor workshop for your gym? The ICE Physio Pelvic division has you covered! Take these unbranded slides that Christina Prevett created to deliver a workshop in her community and make them your own! Feel free to put your clinic’s logo and decorate/alter any way you see fit. We hope this resource removes a barrier for you to get out in front of your people and share the good news!

Free Seminar!

Learn from our fitness forward pelvic experts

ICE faculty Alexis Morgan, Jess Gingerich, and Ellie Melrose will be presenting to CrossFit Affiliates from Ohio to Tennessee to Maine to Florida on all things optimizing training experience for pregnant and postpartum athletes. This is an amazing opportunity for you as a rehab provider and for coaches in your network who want to learn for free from experts how to keep pregnant / postpartum patients active in the gym! Get signed up here

Target: Glute Max Hypertrophy

Weapon of choice: Barbell hip thrusters

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How it went down: 30 sessions of resistance training in 33 untrained women that incorporates the barbell hip thruster (10 weeks, 3 days/week) was superior in glute gains. All exercises were performed 10-15 reps x 2 sets until failure with progressive gradual resistance principles applied (5-10% increases when 15 reps were completed and the subject reported they could perform more than 1 more rep after the 15 reps).

Results add to a growing body of support for the barbell hip thruster’s inclusion in programs of those trying to add size and strength to the 🍑

Physique Competition

Thought provoking data on current trends

Descriptive study (N=29) used to assess nutrition, training, and supplementation of amateur bodybuilders 30 days prior to competition published in May’s JSCR from Schoenfeld and colleagues

Majority of respondents reported performing high volume, split-body training in conjunction with fasted cardio despite limited evidence to support enhanced effects of fasting on weight loss from cardio

Majority of respondents reported drastically reducing caloric intake, some as low as 1,000 calories/day leading up to competition

Majority of respondents were familiar with the importance of protein, eating as much as 3g/kg bodyweight per day while some consumed minimal or no carbohydrates and/or fats (“protein-sparring modified fast”)

Majority of respondents reported drastically increasing hydration, from a minimum of 1 gallon/day to as much as 3 gallons/day reducing to a range of 0.25 gallons to as low as 0.007 gallons (29 ml) per day in the 3 days prior to competition.

Majority of respondents reported taking a wide variety of OTC supplements, none of which with research support: BCAAs (71.4%), “fat burners” (53.8%), etc. Approximately 25% of male respondents and 15% of female respondents reported consuming 10-16+ supplements per day.

TLDR / Author’s takeaways: Find a coach who understands training AND nutrition. All of these athletes were doing the exact opposite of what champion bodybuilders do to prep for a competition: tapering of volume, an increase in food intake (especially carbohydrates) to make muscles appear fuller, and an increase in water intake to aid in nutrient delivery & muscle fullness. Most were taking supplements that have no research support (or no research at all).


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The leadership at ICE have already taken this outstanding fully virtual course that brings with it 10 CEUs along with plenty of growth! Now you can jump into the June 25th cohort for 20% off by using promo code “ICE” thanks to Pat’s desire to get more and more clinicians up to speed in this space!

PTonICE Rewind

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Thank You! – ICE Faculty

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