Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – March 22, 2023

The value of “prehab”, spinal manipulation under scrutiny, and much more coming at you this week! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio check out our Upcoming Dates and Locations!


Systematic review of THA and TKA

The idea of “prehab” makes intuitive sense, being stronger with more range of motion heading into surgery has got to be a good thing, but what does the evidence say? This open access systematic review from January’s PM&R agrees, at least in part. Findings suggest it’s prehab for the win in terms of post-operative length of hospital stay and strength. However, when it came to many other outcomes a significant effect either was not found or a lack of evidence exists. Overall a mixed bag here suggesting some benefit but perhaps not as much as intuition would expect. One very cool feature of this systematic review is an inclusion of all the exercises focused on in the individual studies, definitely go check out those tables and compare/contrast to what you might do different clinically!

Spinal Manipulation

Choose a more active approach with kids

“Whilst some individual high-quality studies demonstrate positive results for some conditions, our descriptive synthesis of the collective findings does not provide support for spinal manipulation or mobilisation in paediatric populations for any condition”

Don’t let the posters at your local wellness fair fool you, that quote is taken directly from this open access scoping review of 87 articles in BMC Pediatrics. While inconclusive evidence dominated the conclusion it’s important to note that in the case of asthma, headache, and nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting) there was “strong to very strong” evidence of NO EFFECT for spinal manipulation.

Spinal Manipulation Take 2

Adjustments don’t improve immunity

We applaud the global chiropractic research community for holding The International Chiropractic Association’s feet to the fire in regards to their claims in absence of evidence that spinal adjustments improve immunity. As this open access article from Chiropractic and Manual Therapies discusses very clearly this is a particularly concerning claim in the recent era of COVID where consumer confusion on this topic could have serious consequences.

From our perspective both this and the previous paper on spinal manipulation’s effects are frustrating as it reveals a narrative and practice pattern that puts an incredibly useful intervention for the treatment of mechanical MSK pain in adults in an unfavorable light. Glad to see research groups and publications continuing to be active in helping us sift through fact and fiction.

Assess and Improve Fitness

A collaboration with Huberman & Galpin

There is something for everyone in this recent series of Huberman Labs featuring Andy Galpin. However, those in the rehab space who don’t have a ton of personal experience with assessing, measuring, and programming fitness stand to take a quantum leap forward in knowledge via these episodes.

Muscle Mass Matters

Stay jacked, avoid cardiovascular events

In case our middle aged adults need another reason to hold on to that precious muscle mass this full text longitudinal community based study of over a thousand folks suggests it can decrease risk of future cardiovascular events! This paper is unique in that instead of using BMI (a composite of muscle and fat mass) they separated fat percentage and fat free mass percentage to explore the body composition variable.

Conclusion: “This longitudinal cohort study revealed that fat% gain or FFM% loss significantly increased the risk of cardiovascular events in middle-aged and elderly, community-based Chinese populations.”

PTonICE Rewind

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