Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – March 1, 2023

CrossFit OnRamp announced, erectile dysfunction in cyclists explored, and much more coming at you in this edition of Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio we’ve got over 250 courses slated for 2023, check out our Upcoming Dates and Locations to reserve your spot!

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Seriously though, it’s not tightness

This paper was published a couple years ago, but we’ve seen a big uptick in conversations on the topic and thought we needed to drop it!

“Following six weeks of physiotherapy, hip muscle strength (all directions but abduction), pain and lower extremity function were significantly improved. ITB stiffness, however, was found to be increased compared to baseline measurements.”

ITB pain in runners is not caused by ITB tightness, and thus increasing the mobility of the ITB and/or its associated muscles is not an effective treatment. It’s due time to stop giving your runners ITB stretches and look at their running mechanics and strength instead!

CrossFit on Ramp

New initiative makes getting started more approachable

Yes we know it’s “infinitely scalable” and “for anyone but not everyone”, and while those quotes are equal parts wonderful and sticky, CrossFit has still struggled to feel approachable to those just beginning their fitness journey. Not anymore. Cue CrossFit Onramp. Go check out the video to see how clear, simple, at home instructional videos are going to help so many folks step in the direction of fitness even before they plug into an in-person community. Even better, while they are beta testing you can use the code “getstarted” for free access, not sure how long that will last!

Blood Sugar Regulation

Great podcast explaining role of exercise

The skyrocketing rates of diabetes are one of many great reasons to be interested in blood sugar control. This is a very easy to digest podcast on blood sugar and exercise with some actionable items! A fun listen that doubles as a great share that can be understood by your patients too! The accents give it just a bit extra as well.

Cycling & Erectile Dysfunction

The prevalence alone will shock you

Don’t perform bike fits in the clinic or ask about pelvic issues in your male cyclists? We hope this data changes both of those things. A survey of 1635 cyclists showed 22% of male cyclists reported ED, while 57% reported genital numbness with cycling. Quicker onset of genital numbness during cycling was correlated with ED. Be sure to ask your cyclists if they are experiencing genital pain or numbness after <1 hour of cycling, as there is a >2fold increase in ED for those with pain or numbness in <1 hour of cycling!

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PTonICE Rewind

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