Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – February 15, 2023

Running injury prevention, ICE & CrossFit Health talk future of HEALTHcare, and much more coming at you in this edition of Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio we’ve got over 200 courses slated for 2023, check out our Upcoming Dates and Locations to reserve your spot!

Running Injuries

Most common reasons, and how to avoid!

Our friend and colleague Dr. Christopher Johnson, a premiere physical therapist and coach from the Seattle area, recently wrote this wonderful piece for Outside Magazine on the most common mistakes runners make and strategies to avoid them. Perfect timing as the running season starts to ramp up around the country and everyone begins eyeing big goals. Share with runners in your community to help keep more of them healthy on the trails this year!

Fitness Forward Healthcare

Are we on the verge of a different (better) era??

ICE CEO Jeff Moore recently sat down with Mike Giardina of CrossFit Health to discuss what it means to be a “Fitness Forward” provider, offering true HEALTHcare as an alternative to our current SICKcare insurance model, and how CrossFit affiliates/coaches can develop relationships with ICETrained rehab providers to keep more athletes healthy, in the gym, and crushing their goals.


Single or multiple joint exercise for the win?

Is it all about those compound movements or hyper focus on a single muscle? This recent systematic review hot off the Strength and Conditioning Journal press delivers this finding: “We conclude that current evidence indicates similar whole muscle hypertrophy between MJ and SJ training”. Make sure to take a peek at the article however for good discussion about how a combination of both may be best strategy for complete muscle development.

Also for those looking for a convenient share, Schoenfeld’s IG post is solid!

    Chronic Pain

    Are exclusion criteria limiting relevance?

    “The frequent use of psychosocial exclusions is especially compromising to generalizability because chronic pain commonly co-occurs with psychiatric comorbidities”

    We’ve all likely thought exclusion criteria tend to rule out most of our actual patients across many conditions, but this is perhaps an even larger concern with our chronic pain population.

    Article Link

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    PTonICE Rewind

    Did you miss any of our ICE Physio podcasts last week? Well here you go!

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    Thank You! – ICE Faculty

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