Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – December 21, 2022

New CPG, lots of love for single leg work, a bias check, and more coming at you in this week’s Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy, and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio we’ve got over 200 courses slated for 2023, check out our Upcoming Dates and Locations to reserve your spot!

Split Squats

A better way to target the hip?

Have you ever wondered why rear foot elevated split squats deliver that special kind of DOMS in the posterior chain? This new publication in JSCR may have the answer. Authors found hip extension moment was 44% greater in a rear-foot elevated split squat as compared to a barbell back squat at same level of relative load. In addition, higher moments of hip abduction & external rotation were found as well. Despite lower absolute loads, single-leg squat exercises seem to hit the hip, particularly the glutes, stronger than heavier double-leg squat exercises.

Single Leg Love

Gotta hit you with that repeat

Admittedly, the sample size in the above paper was quite small so we wanted to pull this open access systematic review and meta-analysis from 2020 into the conversation. The paper looks at surface and intramuscular EMG data of the different segments of glute med/min and seems to favor the same conclusion, when trying to hit the glutes there is lots of magic in that single leg action!

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Christina Prevett on yet another pod rapping resistance!

“My love for the barbell is deep and pure” 🤩🤩🤩

That’s GOT to be our favorite line from this recent episode of The Pelvic Health Podcast “Impact of resistance training on pregnancy and postpartum health outcomes”

But listen on, if you have any interest in getting up to speed on all things resistance training for pregnancy and postpartum mothers this is 50 minutes of pure gold delivered by some powerhouse women!


“Lateral Elbow pain and muscle function impairments”

Few things are more exciting than a new CPG! Especially in an area like the elbow where so many athletes and plenty of other folks struggle with persistent symptoms! As always this one in JOSPT is open access

Big Takeaways:

  • Strengthening > Corticosteroids (eccentric and isometric exercises were studies the most and little data on dosage was a limiter)
  • Mill’s Manipulation has positive effects on pain with regional mobilization techniques demonstrating some effect on pain, grip strength and function (ie.cervical/thoracic manipulations and mobilizations, scaphoid manipulations)
  • Dry needling getting some love with recommendations for utilization with this population
  • Rigid taping helpful in reducing pain, kinesiotape with grade C recommendations for utilization but the studies referenced seemed conflicting

Decision Tree included at the on page 43.

Bias Check

Kinesiotape for the win with ACL Rupture? 🤔

Hot off the JSCR press this randomized controlled trial’s results showed 4 weeks of PT plus KT Tape in the 4 weeks following complete ACL rupture increased the rate of force development in the quads and maximum contractile potential of the hamstrings, outperforming 4 weeks of PT without KT tape. In addition, the KT tape group demonstrated improved single leg balance with less pain and greater proprioception levels. Thoughts??

PTonICE Rewind

Did you miss any of our ICE Physio podcasts last week? Well here you go!

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Wednesday: “9 communication tips for Geri clinicians” (Dustin Jones)
Thursday: “Payment systems: Time for another ‘AND’ approach” (Jeff Moore)
Friday: “Drop sets: Yay or nay?” (Guillermo Contreras)

Thank You! – ICE Faculty

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