Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – December 7, 2022

Manipulation & stroke, unpacking the relationship between sleep and resistance training, two hours of Brad Shoenfeld with Rhonda Patrick, and more in this week’s Hump Day Hustling! Enjoy this episode and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio we’ve got over 200 courses slated for 2023, check out our Upcoming Dates and Locations to reserve your spot!

Training and Sleep

Best to go hard on both

It’s common to sacrifice sleep to get in more training, but research suggests this may be a loop of diminishing return. This new publication followed athletes who performed “rested” (9 consecutive nights of at least 7 hours in bed) and then performed the same interventions “deprived” 6 weeks later (9 consecutive nights of only 5 hours allowed in bed). Intervention was 4 days of resistance training (days 3, 5, 7, 9) of 4 sets of back squat, trap bar deadlift, flat bar bench press, cable row, leg press, and lat pull-down. Reps went down (12/10/8/5) each session as weight went up (60/70/75/80% 1RM).

Initially, both subjective (sleepiness/drowsiness, depression, soreness, fatigue, readiness to train) and objective (reactive drop jump, rep velocity & inter-set velocity) decreased trivially, but compounded across the 9 days. Perhaps the stat that jumps out as us the most is the increases in training distress (84% !!) and session perceived exertion (11%). TRAIN HARD RECOVER HARDER

Manipulation and Stroke

Spotlight on older adults

Will a direct quote from this recent open access publication from BMC Geriatrics with a study population of over 9k do anything to stop people from falsely claiming cervical manipulation carries a high risk of stroke? Probably not, but we press on sharing the good news in hopes that one day it might:

“Our study is characterized by advanced statistical methods to control for potential confounding, three different control groups (ischemic stroke controls, population controls and a case-crossover analysis), multiple different time points for the exposure (7, 14 and 30 days), as well as controlling for care seeking behavior by comparing the risk of CeAD in patients receiving CSM to patients receiving a similar E&M visit or neither. Our finding strongly suggest that CeAD patients are likely seeking out care for neck pain and related symptoms from either a CSM provider, medical provider or both in the period leading up to their diagnosis of CeAD rather than having a specific risk for CeAD imparted by receipt of CSM in this population.”

Perturbation Training

What actually does it entail?

We’ve all done forms of it, or at least we think we have, but what exactly is perturbation-based balance training? This is a great open access narrative review that covers definitions, evidence support, and feasibility for incorporation into clinical practice. Definitely a quick and easy read to get introduced to or refreshed on all the concepts around a popular intervention

Patrick and Shoenfeld

Two of our favorites, together at last

They had us at the title “Resistance training for time efficiency, body composition, and maximum hypertrophy“. It seems Shoenfeld’s research makes an appearance in nearly half of our hump day hustling episodes. Getting to hear him rap all things resistance training for TWO HOURS with Rhonda Patrick whose content we also consuming as rabid fans is a massive treat for the ICE tribe. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we will!

Sedentarism & Chronic Disease

Aim high, but celebrate any small win

We’re trying to get people as fit as possible…no question. But the reality is that for many of our folks just simply breaking up their sedentarism is a huge victory that we need to acknowledge. This open access paper really drives home the benefit of simply moving. Very pertinent for the folks in more acute settings where sedentarism is rampant.

PTonICE Rewind

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