Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – November 16, 2022

Spontaneous ACL healing, physical therapist’s role in treating diabetes, and much more! Enjoy this week’s Hump Day Hustle and if you want to dive deeper with ICE Physio we’ve got over 200 courses slated for 2023 but many are nearly sold out already. Check out Upcoming Dates and Locations to reserve your seat today!

Pregnancy & Whoop

Healthier pregnancies brought to you by wearable data??

Check this out, Whoop just launched a beta ‘pregnancy mode’ which allows for coaching. They are starting to see some interesting trends and recommend contacting physician for various issues that arise within an individuals HR and HRV. One particular outcome they’re looking at is full term vs premature labor, and they’re starting to see some predictable variables! Wouldn’t that be amazing to have the data to be informed?!


Surgery isn’t the only route to healing

“MRI appearance of ACL healing after ACL rupture occurred in one in three adults randomised to initial rehabilitation and one in two who did not cross-over to delayed ACLR and was associated with favourable outcomes. The potential for spontaneous healing of the ACL to facilitate better clinical outcomes may be greater than previously considered” LINK TO BJSM PAPER

You read that right, spontaneous NON-SURGICAL ACL healing 🤯 ! It looks like rehab might have a role in facilitating healing, and it certainly looks like when more healing occurs improved outcomes do as well.

Sports Performance

Stronger = Faster?

When it comes to bench press and kayaking it looks that way. In this new article from JSCR 53 elite national kayak athletes tested 1 RM bench, 40 sec max rep bench press, 30 sec kayak sprint and 200 m kayak sprint. Those individuals in the training group that prioritized increasing maximal bench press strength saw a significant decrease in 200 m kayak sprint time trial compared to the group that trained general full body strength. Go get those gains!


The role of Physical Therapists

The problem is too big, and our role too important for us to be sitting this one out. At ICE we like to say “We don’t just change back pain we change lives” , well this may be our greatest opportunity to do just that. Please take some time to read this clinical commentary in JOSPT that covers the scope of the problem and how we can come alongside other providers to address it!

Dry Needling

An ask to assist with data collection

As dry needling practice within the field of physical therapy continues to grow and evolve, it is imperative that accrediting and regulating bodies understand how essential and widely used this modality is within our profession. Please consider carving out 10 minutes to contribute data to an ongoing survey from the crew at Baylor University: “Utilization of Dry Needling – Contemporary Clinical Practice“. Your answers will remain confidential as no identifying information will be collected.

PTonICE Rewind

Did you miss any of our ICE Physio podcasts last week? Well here you go!

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Thank You! – ICE Faculty

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