Hump Day Hustling – Weekly Research Summary – November 2, 2022

Full Vs Partial ROM, a much needed quality control site for manual therapy research, and more! Enjoy this week’s Hump Day Hustle and if you want to learn with ICE Physio in 2022 or 2023 check out our Upcoming Dates and Locations for courses online and near you!

Free Workshop Template

“How to Fall”

The Older adult squad is at it again. This time bringing the slides and recording of a workshop ICE faculty Jeff Musgraves recently delivered titled “How to fall” (sneak peak at the workshop via Jeff’s IG page). To gain access to the recording and slides simply drop your email at this link and we’ll shoot everything over to you. Feel free to put your clinic logo on these slides and really make them your own. Time to get out in your communities and decrease the vulnerability your older folks are perceiving!

Full Range vs. Partial Range

Systematic review and meta-analysis

It is certainly a hotly debated topic, namely the importance of going through a full range of motion during training to maximize gains. This recent open access review is to our knowledge the first of its’ kind and overall supports the message that full ROM edges out partial range movements. Importantly, the differences are quite small leading the authors to acknowledge that partial range could be an efficacious alternative to make progress in the presence of injury.

Lower Limb Malalignment

You likely don’t see what you think you see

Trust yourself less. That is our one sentence interpretation of the past decade of findings in regards to detecting motion at joints, quantity of innominate movement, and most recently in this open access paper visual detection of malalignment. From the paper’s conclusion: “Visual assessment of the lower limb alignment does not provide clinically relevant information”. Bottom line – Have a healthy humility about your ability to detect these “abnormalities” and an even healthier humility regarding whether or not they matter.

Manual Therapy Research

A trusted resource (finally!)

Dr. Chad Cook and the crew at Duke have just dropped a massive resource: The Center of Excellence in Manual and Manipulative Training (CEMMT) houses “living” systematic reviews, evidence summaries, blog, podcast etc. Their goal is to reduce misinformation and promote quality evidence in manual therapy. Dr. Cook et al have been doing a lot of appraisal work on recent manual therapy systematic reviews highlighting their limitations, this project will provide much needed clarity around this area of research.

Older Adults

Same #OldNotWeak message, new channel

Check out MMOA’s new IG account if you’re wanting to provide high level care for your older adults. With the growth of the MMOA division we want to have a consistent source for shareables that will help us infiltrate every community with the good news of aging!

PTonICE Rewind

Did you miss any of our ICE Physio podcasts last week? Well here you go!

Monday: “Toileting” (Jessica Gingerich)
Tuesday: “Hip OA basics” (Mark Gallant)
Wednesday: “Three mistakes to avoid with outcome measures” (Dustin Jones)
Thursday: “Turn the ship around: Error positivity” (Alan Fredendall)
Friday: “Pre-exhaustion gains” (Guillermo Contreras)

Thank You! – ICE Faculty

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