Course Hosting Information

Thank you for considering hosting a course. we will do everything possible to exceed your expectations.

Thank you for considering hosting a course offering from the Institute, we will do everything possible to exceed your expectations. Here we have outlined basic information regarding the financials involved with bringing a course to your facility, if this information fails to answer all of your questions do not hesitate to reach out by phone, email, or social media so that we may respond immediately.

  • The Institute charges a flat fee of $7,500.00 (30 clinician limit) or $9,000.00 (40 clinician limit) to the hosting organization which can be reduced significantly by opening the course to the general public (See below). A $1,000.00 deposit is required at the time of agreement to officially reserve the weekend and allow ICE to secure staffing and travel accommodations. The balance (if any, see below) is to be paid within one week following conclusion of the course. In the case that outside registrations cover the full course fee the hosting facility will receive a refund of the down payment at or before the course date.

  • At $7,500.00 a maximum of 30 students are welcome to attend. If greater capacity is required, the cost can be adjusted to $9,000.00 and the capacity raised to 40 which continues to decrease per clinician cost. The lead instructor will bring a lab assistant if the class size is above 15 and a second assistant if above 30. This ensures adequate hands on feedback for all course participants. The addition of lab assistants does not change the cost for the hosting organization

  • The hosting organization may choose to open the course only to in-house staff or may choose to open the course to a broader audience in order to mitigate cost. If the course is opened to the public we create a link on our website where attendees register and pay. These payments are subtracted from the $7,500/$9,000 and the hosting organization is responsible for the balance. The course is placed on our website on the date of down payment receipt.

    • Example: A $7,500.00 course is opened to the public and 8 individuals register at our standard seat cost of $595.00 each totaling $4,760.00. The hosting organization is then responsible for paying the remaining $2,740.00 ($1000.00 of which is accounted for via the down payment) to the Institute and could have as many as 22 of their clinicians attend the class resulting in a per host clinician cost of $124.00 each.

  • The Institute pays for all faculty travel costs

  • The Institute asks that the hosting organization provide light snacks and coffee on each morning. There is

    an hour for lunch each day giving attendees plenty of time to grab a bite in the area.


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