#GutcheckThursday – Workout of the Week – May 9, 2024

#GutcheckThursday - Workout of the Week - May 9, 2024

A rare sighting on #GutcheckThursday: a partner workout!

Intended Stimulus

This anaerobic triplet has some sneaky redundancy built in. The row will challenge your grip on the toes-to-bar & posterior chain on the cleans and the toes-to-bar will fatigue your core ahead of the sandbag cleans. Aim to complete each round in 3 minutes or less for a total working time with rest right around 20 minutes for the week. Strong rowers and folks who can handle large sets or go unbroken all 5 rounds will finish closer to the 2:00 mark each round

Movement Standards

Perform the row together. If one partner finishes before the other, do not begin toes-to-bar until both partners have completed the row

The toes-to-bar finishes at the top with some portion of each foot physically contacting the pull-up bar between the hands and at the bottom with legs behind the pull-up bar. If you cannot maintain synchro, do not advanced to the sandbag until both partners have completed all the toes-to-bar

The sandbag clean finishes at the top, hips & knees in full extension before throwing the sandbag up & over the shoulder. Avoid throwing the bag to the side with a trunk twist. Perform these 10 reps as “you go, I go” with each partner performing 5 total reps per round

Adaptations / Modifications / Scales

Reduce the calories on the rower to finish in 1:00. Sub a 200m run or 15/12 cal fan bike if needed

Scale the toes-to-bar reps to finish in 1:00 or less. Choose a rep count or scaled variation such as knee raises to be able to ideally finish in 3 sets or less

Reduce the load on the sandbag as needed. You should be able to trade reps with your partner without the need for extra rest