#GutcheckThursday – Workout of the Week – March 28, 2024

#GutcheckThursday - Workout of the Week - March 28, 2024

From the mind of @jeffmooredpt comes this week’s #GutcheckThursday!

Intended Stimulus

This is a classic “Gutcheck” style workout. At the start of the workout & every 2 minutes after, you’ll need to hop on the bike and ride like hell. The goal is to leave yourself at least 1 minute each round to work on the thrusters. Scaling the weight will be important this week to be able to complete at least 3-5 reps per round, finishing in 12-20 minutes or faster. The intentional redundancy of the bike & the thrusters will make later rounds agonizing, so be sure the load you choose is something you know you can always pick up for a few reps, even if it’s quick singles. If you find yourself getting trapped in a death loop, take a full round off to rest.

Movement Standards

The barbell thruster begins with the barbell on the ground before the first rep. The barbell can be power cleaned or squat cleaned to begin the first rep. The thruster finishes at the bottom in a full depth squat, hip crease below knees, and at the top with hips & knees fully extended, elbows extended & in line with ears.

Adaptations / Modifications / Scales

Reduce the calories on the bike to finish in 1 minute and reduce the load on the thrusters to be able to perform at least 3-5 per round

Modify the bike to a 20/15 cal row/ski or 200 m run

Adapt & scale the thruster as needed to find a movement that is heavy on the legs & difficult to perform for more than 3-5 reps