#GutcheckThursday – Workout of the Week – February 8, 2024

#GutcheckThursday - Workout of the Week - February 8, 2024

Courtesy of @dr.mitch.dpt, another qualifier from @freshcoastfitfest is here to ruin your day for this week’s #GutcheckThursday.

Intended Stimulus

Barbell cycling under increasing cardiovascular fatigue from the wall balls is always a recipe for a painful experience. Choose a weight on the bar that lets you perform the deadlifts in an unbroken set of 11, deadlifting to the hip for the 12th rep, and completing the hang squat cleans in 2-3 sets. Be strategic and rest before your last hang squat clean before moving into the shoulder-to-overhead. The goal this week is to have 90-120 seconds to work on wall balls. A good score this week is 15-20 per round for a total of 60-75, a great score is 20-30 per round to touch 100 reps, and an amazing score would be passing 100 reps & getting towards 150. There is no rest between each set, so break appropriately before moving back to the barbell.

Movement Standards

The deadlift begins on the floor and finishes at the top with hips & knees fully extended, shoulders behind the bar.

The hang squat clean must be initiated from the hang (between the knee & hip), finishes at the bottom in a full-depth squat, and at the top in full extension.

The shoulder-to-overhead begins with the barbell in the front rack positions, and finishes at the top with elbows extended & in line with ears after performing a strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk.

The wall ball begins by passing through a full depth squat, and ends at the top with the middle of the ball passing the 9 foot mark (women) or 10 foot mark (men).

Adaptations / Modifications / Scales

Reduce the load on the barbell to match the intended stimulus.

Consider subbing to dumbbells or kettlebells if needed this week in a unilateral or bilateral variation.

If squatting is not in the cards, consider performing medicine ball cleans instead of wall balls.