#GutcheckThursday – Workout of the Week – January 11, 2024

#GutcheckThursday - Workout of the Week - January 11, 2024

This one goes out to Nancy as she celebrates her 5th “Birthiversary” on January 14th. On 14JAN2019, she passed out at home and was admitted to the hospital with a pulmonary embolism, experiencing six different cardiac arrests and was revived six times. She spent many days unconscious in the ICU on a ventilator until recovering on her own. After a long recovery out of the hospital and cardiac rehab, she was involved in a car accident in October 2019 which resulted in a dissection of her descending abdominal aorta. After many long months of bed rest and acute rehab, she was cleared to begin exercise in September 2020 when she begin physical therapy with ICE faculty member @alan.fred.dpt at @health_hq When she began, it took her 27 seconds to do a 5x STS with two Ab-mats to stand independently, 0 reactive balance, and an SPPB of 6. Today, Nancy is back to 100% independent living, returning to PT occasionally for maintenance. Nancy will celebrate her 76th birthday in June!

Intended Stimulus

Ride that bike like you stole it, carry the kettlebells unbroken, grind through the air squats, and fly through the air on your pull-ups like all hell is on your heels. If you aren’t bleeding out of your eyeballs at the end of 6 rounds, you did it wrong.

Movement Standards

The bike and carry need no explanation

The air squat finishes at the bottom in full depth, hip crease below knee, and at the top with full hip/knee extension. If Nancy can squat to depth, so can you.

The pull-up finishes at the top with chin over bar, and at the bottom with arms fully extended. Nancy doesn’t cheat her pull-ups and neither should you.

Adaptations / Modifications / Scales

Perform a HALF distance run or row in place of the C2 bike or swap it for a fan bike

Reduce the load on the KBs to achieve an unbroken carry

Reduce the range of motion on the air squat as needed or perform sit-to-stands

Use a band or perform jumping pull-ups as needed