#GutcheckThursday – Workout of the Week – December 14, 2023

#GutcheckThursday - Workout of the Week - December 14, 2023

A classic CrossFit-style triplet is on deck for this week’s #GutcheckThursday!

Intended Stimulus

This triplet is designed with redundancy in mind: each set you’ll be moving through 45 burpees with a descending rep scheme but increased complexity. Go hard on the 21 burpee-to-target as they’re the highest volume but fastest cycling movement. Find a steady pace on the devil’s press & sprint to the finish with the burpee chest-to-bar pull-ups knowing you have a big bout of rest coming up. You should be able to move continuously on the burpees-to-target and unbroken on the devil’s press with the weight chosen.

A good goal for each set is 4-6 minutes, with a total time including rest of 20-30 minutes in the gym for this workout.

Movement Standards

Burpees-to-target finish on the ground with chest & thighs striking the ground and at the top by jumping up to touch a target 6″ above your fingertips

The devil’s press finishes on the ground by performing a burpee between your dumbbells, and at the top by performing a double dumbbell snatch or double dumbbell clean & jerk.

The burpee chest-to-bar finishes on the ground with chest & thighs striking the ground, and at the top with a completed chest-to-bar pull-up

Adaptations / Modifications / Scales

Reduce the repetitions of burpees-to-target if 21 reps will take you more than 2 minutes. If you know high-volume burpees are not your jam, consider performing as many as you can in 60-90 seconds and then move on

Reduce the load on the dumbbells or modify to a single dumbbell to maintain the intended stimulus on the devil’s press

Scale the pull-up as needed to a regular chin-over-bar pull-up, jumping pull-up, or ring row