#GutcheckThursday – Workout of the Week – August 10, 2023

#GutcheckThursday - Workout of the Week - August 10, 2023

Some light overhead pressing, core work, and running is on deck for this week’s #GutcheckThursday!

Intended Stimulus

This triplet is designed with a light pair of dumbbells in mind, made more challenging by increasing core fatigue from the sit-ups & cardiovascular fatigue from the run. Choose a dumbbell weight that will let you take no more than 3 breaks each round, aim for unbroken sets of sit-ups, and try to push the pace on each run but be mindful of being able to get right back on the dumbbells with minimal rest. Faster times will be around 10 minutes this week

Movement Standards

The dumbbell push press begins with one head of each dumbbell resting on the shoulders and finishes at the top with elbow extended & arm in line with the ear

The Abmat sit-up finishes at the bottom with shoulder blades touching the ground and at the top with hands touching in front of feet, shoulders stacked over hips. You may swing your arms overhead this week for momentum or keep them in front of the body (“strict” sit-up)

Adaptations / Modifications / Scales

Reduce the load on the dumbbells this week to meet the intended stimulus

Reduce the repetitions as needed to meet the intended stimulus. Consider 30-20-10, 21-15-9, or even 15-12-9 as needed

Sub the run for an equal distance row or a 500 m/400 m fan bike