#GutcheckThursday – Workout of the Week – February 2, 2023

#GutcheckThursday - 02/02/2023

Some challenging intervals are on deck for this week’s #GutcheckThursday!

Intended Stimulus

Moving a moderately heavy barbell under fatigue at a sprint pace is the goal. You should aim to be off the bike between 20-40 seconds and finished with the power cleans by 60-75 seconds. Scale the calories appropriately as well as the barbell weight. You should be able to perform 3 touch & go reps or definitely 3 fast singles at the weight you chose. Check your ego & cap yourself at 1:00-1:15 or you’ll slowly circle the drain as you work longer than you rest each round. Faster athletes will finish each round in 30-45 seconds and have more rest than work.

Movement Standards

The power clean begins at the floor (or mid-shin with irregular plates boosted 7.76″ off the floor) and finishes at the shoulder in the front rack position, elbows in front of bar, hips & knees in full extension

Adaptations / Modifications / Scales

Sub the bike for a 12/9 cal row but beware the interference between the hinge motion of the rower & the hinge motion of the power clean

Scale & reduce both the calories on the bike & the weight on the barbell as needed to meet the intended stimulus. Consider biking fast for 30 seconds then transitioning in place of a specific calorie goal if you’re unsure of your own or your patient/client’s biking ability

Modify the barbell power clean to a hang power clean, dumbbell power clean or hang power clean, or even a Russian KB swing to maintain the hinge pattern & power training stimulus of this workout