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The ICE Opportunity

The Institute of Clinical Excellence works to provide the highest level of continuing education to our participants, creating a network of clinicians with optimal training and skills. We are, however, aware that there is a gap in this community and in the larger physical therapy community. Recent events have caused ICE to confront the lack of diversity within the profession and take steps to increase the representation of people of color within physical therapy.

The ICE Opportunity was created in order to promote greater diversity within leadership roles in the profession of physical therapy. It hopes to create more visibility for people of color and allow for improved representation within leadership roles. As an organization, we recognize that in order to promote our field equally to all people, there must be diversity in representation.

The ICE Opportunity will give the recipient full access to ICE courses, both live and online, for two years at no cost. No aspects of this award are required; it is up to the recipient to determine which courses will help them achieve their goals. The recipient will be responsible for any travel fees associated with attending live courses.

The recipient of this award will display enthusiasm for the profession, leadership qualities, and a commitment to lifelong learning. In order to apply for this award, each recipient will need to complete the ICE Opportunity Application, available July 1st of each year. The deadline for applications for the 2022 award year is December 1st. After this deadline, applications will be processed and phone interviews will be conducted to determine the recipient.

Submit your application by following THIS LINK.

Know someone who is deserving of the ICE Opportunity? Nominate them by using THIS LINK.

The ICE Foundation

The ICE Foundation

The goal of the ICE Foundation is accumulating funds throughout the calendar year to donate towards a charity that supports the diversity and inclusion of peoples of color, women, LGTQIA+, individuals with disabilities, and other under represented groups. Throughout the year, ICE Faculty will nominate charities which will be vetted for authenticity, governance, transparency, and fiscal responsibility to ensure the money raised is not wasted. One charity will be chosen each year to receive all funds on August 31st of that calendar year and the process will begin again.

This is a small, but sustainable start. We plan to revisit the contribution per course and increase the contribution from courses year-over-year.