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Rehabilitation of the Injured Runner Online

Become confident and competent in caring for runners with a special emphasis on load management & gait (re)training.

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Course Overview

Physical Therapy Running Course: Online

This 8-week interactive online course is designed for healthcare professionals who want to elevate their clinic skill set in the management of runners. Running is an efficient and effective mode of exercise, and thus one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise. Unfortunately running-related injuries have a very high incidence. Too often injured runners are simply told to “stop running”, and thus they avoid the healthcare system.

Take a deep dive into exploring misconceptions and laying out a clear, current best evidence pathway to enable runners to not only recover from their injuries but continue to run while they are rehabilitating them. Through online learning, case studies, community discussion, and weekly meetings the instructors will interact with the cohort. A special emphasis is placed on gait (re)training to decrease load to the injured tissues and allow decreased pain with running.

  • 8 weeks long - 2 hours/week commitment
  • Lifetime access to course & online community
  • Weekly assignments & weekly discussion meetings
    • Discussion meetings take place every Tuesday at 8:30pm EST & are optional but encouraged. They are recorded & can be viewed later if unable to attend.
    • Our online courses require active participation to be awarded credit which may include reading, homework assignments, and quizzes. We do not allow students to “drop back” to preceding cohorts due to inability to complete work assigned except under extraordinary circumstances. ICE faculty have the final decision in allowing a “drop back” but students are only allowed one “drop back” per course. Failure to complete the course on your 2nd attempt will not yield CEU credit. All courses allow for a 7 day grace period after course conclusion to receive CEU credit.

With the exception of Week Zero, there is an online discussion each week of class.

Week Zero (Course Start Date)
Course Orientation

Week One
Epidemiology & etiology of running-related injuries
Homework: load management

Week Two 
Gait analysis
Homework: video-based gait analysis

Week Three
Homework: cadence manipulation

Week Four 
Relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S)
Midterm Exam

Week Five
Bone stress injuries
Homework: quiet running drills

Week Six 
Post-op return to running 
Homework: mirror training

Week Seven
Masters Runners
Homework: forward lean drills

Week Eight 
Youth athletes
Final Exam

  • Understand the epidemiology of the overuse injuries in running
  • Utilize strategies for safely progressing training load for runners
  • Describe the role of faulty running mechanics in the development of injury
  • Evaluate and address common faulty running mechanics
  • Manage common running-related injuries
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