Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete: Essential Foundations

Increase your ability to be clinically effective in managing fitness athletes.

Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete: Essential Foundations

This 8 week online course is designed for the physical therapist and chiropractor desiring to work with the fitness population. The fitness athlete is already committed to his or her own health and wellness but faces unique problems with lifestyle integration, training program development, and movement dysfunctions that impair performance. The primary objective of the course is to increase the participant's ability to be clinically effective in managing this population, however the course will also draw on both instructors experience of owning private practices inside of fitness facilities to generate ideas and methods for accessing this rewarding population of athletes.

Each unit of the course will cover key lifts and exercises commonly encountered in the strength and conditioning world, demonstrating and teaching proper technique and troubleshooting common dysfunctions that limit performance and may lead to injury. Through online learning, community discussion, and weekly meetings the instructors will interact with the cohort who will be encouraged to submit their own videos to use as mini case studies. The Go To Meeting sessions will give students the unique ability to ask for specific demonstrations and break downs to ensure they completely understand all components of each foundational movement and exercise.

At the end of this eight week course participants will have a detailed understanding of the proper performance for each fundamental movements fitness athletes commonly perform. Importantly the clinician will be able to connect the movement to its prerequisite requirements and what a lack of these could mean for people seeking their help. The connection of these concepts articulated in a concise way to the athlete in front of them will allow them to excel as a clinician working with the fitness population.


All content (videos, resources, etc) is delivered through our online learning platform with discussion facilitated through a private Facebook page. Live video conference calls take place Monday evenings at 8 PM EST to discuss each week's content and dive deeper into the material. Attendance at the Monday sessions is certainly encouraged however all sessions are recorded and made available to be viewed whenever is convenient for the learner. At no point throughout the class is it mandatory that you are available at a set time, so there should be minimal interruption to your work and life schedule. For those that cannot attend live, a Google Doc is available for Q&A to be answered at the online meetings.

Please Note

Our online courses require active participation to be awarded credit which may include reading, homework assignments, and quizzes. We do not allow students to “drop back” to preceding cohorts due to inability to complete work assigned except under extraordinary circumstances. ICE faculty have the final decision in allowing a “drop back” but students are only allowed one “drop back” per course. Failure to complete the course on your 2nd attempt will not yield CEU credit. All courses allow for a 7 day grace period after course conclusion to receive CEU credit.


Week 1

  • Lecture - Introduction to loading (How do we quantify & measure load? How do we test strength? How do we ensure load is heavy enough? RPE/Reps-in-Reserve/etc.)
  • Lab - The front squat

Week 2

  • Lecture - Squat science
  • Lab - The back squat

Week 3

  • Lecture - Low back strengthening & low back pain
  • Lab - The deadlift

Week 4

  • Lecture - The symptom behavior model
  • Lab - Overhead press

Week 5

  • Lecture - Recovery (sleep, nutrition, modalities, HRV, and more!)
  • Lab - The overhead squat

Week 6

  • Lecture - Long-term adaptations to load
  • Lab - The pull-up

Week 7

  • Lecture - Load for ALL populations (Kids, teens, older adults, pregnant & postpartum moms)
  • Lab - The power clean

Week 8

  • Lecture - Coming alongside the fitness athlete (How to begin offering services to a CrossFit, bootcamp, Orange Theory, or other gym in your area)
  • Lab - The power snatch

Course Objectives

  • Students will be able to properly introduce and assess a submaximal compound lift with a patient in the clinic & correctly program appropriately progressive dosage of load based on patient’s performance
  • Students will be able to correctly describe the literature supporting the use of the full depth squat and deadlift & properly integrate these movements with patients in the clinic
  • Students will be comfortable with basic implementation of CrossFit style conditioning & expose themselves to this style of exercise by performing a CrossFit METCON as part of their homework
  • Students will be able to integration nutrition & lifestyle management (“recovery”) principles into practice with patients in the clinic
  • Students will understand the literature supporting the use of load to manage musculoskeletal pain and implement education with patients in the clinic about the unnecessary overmedicalization of musculoskeletal pain in American society
  • Students will reduce their bias against underdosing load for children, older adults, adaptive athletes, and the pregnancy/postpartum population in the clinic
  • Students will refine their rehabilitation programming skill set and receive 1:1 feedback from course instructors on organizing standard physical therapy exercise prescriptions into higher intensity formats


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