Doctor of Physical Therapy, The Ohio State University Bachelor of Science, University of Pittsburgh

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February 16, 2024

Stephanie Duffey

Dr. Steph helps active adults who are frustrated with feeling limited by pain or injury know exactly what to do to confidently move their bodies with joy and peace.

Starting in high school, she struggled for years with knee pain that would come and go. It wasn’t until she became a physical therapist that she learned the real cause of the problem was never fixed…that’s why her knee pain kept coming back.

When the pain was bad, it was incredibly frustrating and defeating. She didn’t have her go-to stress outlets (running and exercise) and was afraid that her knee pain would prevent her from staying active long-term.

Her goal is to make sure no one else experiences the fear that they will never do the activities they love again. Or the fear that their bodies will give out on them. She wants to give people the confidence that their bodies will stay strong for life.

Just as her knee pain wasn’t properly solved, she sees other people whose problems aren’t solved as well. All too often, people get bounced around in the healthcare system.

Women and men have frequently had imaging, injections, medications, and even physical therapy before coming to see her. Some of these steps are either not necessary, put a bandaid on the problem, or treat the symptom- not the cause.

As a busy mom, she understands that time is precious and is most efficiently spent getting to the real cause of the problem. That way you can feel amazing and also have more time and energy to spend with the people you love, doing the things you love.

Dr. Steph graduated from The Ohio State University in 2017. She worked in an outpatient orthopedic clinic for two years before starting Empower Physio and Wellness in 2019. She became certified in dry needling in 2018 and has a special focus on optimizing breathing, corrective exercise, core strengthening, and functional movement training.

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